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February 16, 2018

kop and crew 2/16/2018

isa started with an article reading Spread some kindness "Starts with Hello" Rocky Point School district makes awareness with all their students for Start with Hello, Sponsored by the Sandy Hook. org 

Helen talks about her love of shopping! 
Lisa reads an Article regarding how many school shootings we have had since January 1st, 2018.  

So, there are 18 incidents in which a gun was fired inside a school or on school property.

Three -- Italy, Texas, Kentucky and Florida -- were mass shootings.

But of the other shootings:

  • Nine involved no deaths and no gunshot injuries.

  • Two were suicides, with no other injuries (including the one at the closed school).

  • Three were unintentional (although one caused injuries).

Eric reads an Obituary for a Chicken named Big Momma
then tells us a story about Sydney his Grasshopper and how he loved him so 
The Crew spoke about how Cruz, The Parkland shooter had reportedly said he wanted to be a "pro school shooter" how people /family/FBI all ignored the signs
How many people do ignore the signs on a daily. Mental Health Issue are our leading cause or the bridge to these shootings 
took a break as Lisa and Helen were crying after hearing a video of a mom Pleading with our President to do something. make a change. put metal detectors at our schools. A mom who is now making burial arrangements for her daughter.
Eric spoke about teens going into  Hobby Lobby and taking pics for what they are calling the Hobby Lobby challenge and posting artistic photos with crafts/flowers to social media
The stores are not pleased with the teens coming into the store but Lisa says it's better then doing drugs they are being artistic and creative.. 
Helen asks to "move the mevo" so she can see herself.. LOL
Linda calls and says "move the mevo"
How many times can we say move the mevo.. it was mentioned like 4x ?
Linda was upset with Eric because he left his cereal bowl on the counter since yesterday!
More trouble for Scott Baio... Helen reads an article that now Alexander Polinsky is accusing Scott of harassment. (exposing himself)
Eric calls Lisa "babycakes" and Helen says hey what about me.. so Eric says... don't worry you are my Tonya Harding! LOL
Ed Munoz called at 9:30 to discuss the 12pm Roundtable today featuring "Everything Matters" Steve Levy, Eric and Helen from Kop and Crew, along with Active shooter experts Matt Sieffer and Don Longo of Radius Investigations and a few more to discuss  HOW SAFE OUR CHILDREN.  
parting thoughts were difficult..    
ps.. i am not good at note taking.. LOL
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February 15, 2018

Kop and Crew 2/15/2018

Kop and Crew have a lot to talk about this morning. We have to talk about the school shooting last night. There are so many issues that have yet to be resolved and we try to make sense of all of it. We try to report the information while avoiding speculation but trying to show respect for all those involved. One of the hardest things is grasping the concept of the word " School Shooting" Those words should never go together. Where did the failure start? The family says they never saw it coming. 

Today our small business spotlight is Lamont Huffman. He is the Ceo and owner of Players Jet. He helps you obtain planes for travel. He makes travel easier for people who want to make travel easier for people for events. Private aviation has a market for people who often travel for special events. Lamonte makes this easier for you as well as your small group of people. Lamont has made travel so much easier for you to attend your meeting, event, ect. He has had men going to Vegas for golf trips, ladies that travel for a ladies evening in another state. By making the private flight more affordable, Lamonte has made aviation a reachable goal and make events special. We loved talking to him and learning the true value of never giving up.

We give a shout out to our buddy Randy Steel. He posted to his Facebook page yesterday and clipped the segment and shred it. Thank you for being a great person and listener. He really made our day yesterday when he shared the show and the kind words. We take a moment to thank him live on the air. 


We talk to Ed Munez. Ed is a retired police officer as well as a Security professional, and father. We discuss the recent school shooting and his opinion as a retired police officer and a possible solution in the matter. He has some details of the firearm that was used that we, as laymen, aren't aware of. Ed has some information to share and we love to hear this from his point of view. 


Kop and Crew live every weekday morning. COme check us out on Facebook:


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Kop starts the show this morning. He has some Anti-love songs. 

 Helen starts off with telling us an update about yesterdays lost child. 
 Lisa gives us a list of Valentine's day facts. These are funny. 

 Danny Ray and Brian Lee Join us on the show. Danny got gifts this morning and he opens them on camera. These are some fun gifts. Flowers have a meaning and we tell you what you can do with them. 

 This is a light-hearted show. Afterall, it's Valentine's day. See what we did there? We even get Eric to sing a song made up on the spot. Very funny. 

A lot of sexy innuendos and some sexually crude jokes but its funny and enough that only adults will understand.  

Linda calls in. That's Eric' wife. She said sweet things to Eric for valentines day. 

This morning we talk to Marie Stewart. She is a Disney Planner and coordinator she helps you plan your Disney trip and help you coordinate it so that you can get the most out of the experience. She explains just a few of the perks and news about Disney and clears up some of the information. Everything from age, price, and adjustments that were a bit unclear and needed to be cleared up. She discusses amenities, reservations, tipping, and etiquette while at Disney parks. Marie also talks about traveler insurances and more. Marie has been doing this for the last 11 years. 

 We learn of breaking news where there was a shooting at the NSA building in Mead Maryland, We hear about a plane that had an emergency landing yesterday, Mike comes in wearing a dapper red velvet suit and we hear from Janet Russell.

We honor Valentine's day with having the crew finish up valentines day poems. 

 We hear from Kristi Beck. She gave us a hard time earlier and called back in. 

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February 13, 2018

Kop and Crew 2/13/2018

Kop and Crew are in rare form this morning. We get some jokes in ( Marconi) and Tesla a recap of our night and some important updates and information sharing. 

 We have Lisa, Helen, Jayce, and Eric this morning. We talk about phone holsters, clips, and phones. Lisa gives us a list of phone facts and more.  We talk group chats, apps, data and more. 

 We have a Beach advertising aerial advertising. When you see a plane on the beach with a large advertisement while you are relaxing, and you see the huge advertisement fly by- that's aerial advertisement.  This is an interesting medium for marketing and advertisement. He mentions that they lost a lot of business when it came to internet advertising but market research shows that people don't really pay attention to these ads. He mentions that he stays local now but he has gone to Florida on several occasions. He answers questions when it comes to aerial advertising. 

 We take a quick break and we will be back in a moment. 

 We talk to Dave Sanderson. Dave is a survivor and now motivational speaker. He is a survivor of flight 1549 The miracle on the Hudson.  Dave was 4 rows back from the wing and after hearing an explosion, he wasn't phased. In the 9 years since the landing, Dave mentions that his perspectives changed when it comes to his priorities and made adjustments to make his life better. 

Dave mentions that the plane landed at about 100- 125 MPH. Having several people from all walks of life on the plane, Dave helped to make sure everyone got off the plane. He mentions that he heard his mother in his head talking and reminding him to do the right thing and help take care of people. It's always great talking to Dave. It's motivational and inspirational to hear from someone who has stared death in the face and kept calm. Come learn more about Dave at



After Dave, we take a quick musical break. 

 When we come back we have another prize pack to give away. Somehow, our show breaks down instantly. We have some very funny moments and hit some news to end the show. 


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February 12, 2018

Kop and crew 2/12/2018

Kop and Crew are happy to announce we are now on another radio station called Grey Cloud Radio out of Wilmington North Carolina.  

We start off by touching on the Winter Olympics and some of the guests of the Olympics like Kim Jung Un's sister. Mike talks about his Chase Visa bring changed to his Master Card. 

 This leads to discussions about contactless cards. This leads to talks about small things people do to irritate other customers. This is like people who get a dozen lottery tickets, scratch them and buy more while still in the store. We get a lot of feedback about this. 

 We learn that we now have an affiliate with Outback in Commack. If you enter OUtback in Commack, mention Kop and Crew and get yourself a free dessert! 

 Why the hell did we start talking about Snuggies, naked people and these people look like they should be in a choir. 

 Charlie from Seatslink calls in and tells us all your entertainment and sports information for the week. check out all the events on www.seatslink.com. USe discount code "Live": for $20 off" 

We talk to John he is our small business spotlight of the day. He is from Better Auto Repair. Located in Rocky Point New York, John is a great mechanic, honest and efficient! call them today 631-744-4066


Lisa gives us a list of things about facebook. Speaking of Facebook, We have a prank we try to do but that doesn't work this morning. 

 Soke Joe is in the studio this morning. He is a local business owner as well but talks about the gang issues and how we as a community can resolve it. Soke Joe has been doing martial arts for over 40 years and has trained the guardian angles to protect the community. 

 Eric mentions that Hooters has the " angel shot" this is their way to make sure people are discreet and asking about safety. This way the establishment can help you stay safe, and even demonstrates. Jayce decides to be a smart ass and play some music. 

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February 9, 2018

Kop and Crew 2/9/2018

Kop and Crew are live on this Friday Morning. 

Kop and crew open up with a casual chat about what they did last night. They talk about who they will be talking to today and some of the gifts and interviews they will have on the show today. We have a little girl who sings Frank Sinatra and in 2 days have accumulated over 8.2 million views on her singing. We can't wait to hear from her!  This show is sponsored by our small business spotlight Sky Zone Long Island. Stay tuned for details on how you can win! 

 Helen lets us know that T- Mobile having issues with people spoofing numbers and this has become a new phishing scam. They have been known to scam people, spoof numbers, and more. 

(820) Lisa gives us 20 interesting facts about computers. We love Lisa's lists. She mentions some interesting facts you may remember some of these. IBM, Apple, Windows and more! 

830 Lisa shares a local event for something she can't pronounce and Eric has to translate. It's a serious discussion but we talk about it and share the information. 

 Helen talks about a teen that is being held responsible for streaming her sister's death. We liken this discussion to Logan Paul and his debacle of posting someone's suicide.

(9 AM) We talk to little Sophie. She has become a viral star at 5 years old. A video of her was posted to social media of her singing. 8.5 Million views in less than 3 days. Sophie has become the most popular child on social media. We talk to Victoria, Sophie's mother, Sophie has been on stages because her parents are performers. Sophie has never had any formal training. She wants to be a movie star when she gets older. 

 920 We have Sky Zone in the studio. It's so much more than just a trampoline park. Its physical contact, coordination corses and more. This place is awesome! We want to to do the morning show from SkyZone! they have a foam pit, special events for children and adults with special needs and fundraisers. They have many specials and community events and public outreach events. 


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Good Morning, Starting at 8 AM, Jayce said the huge announcement. Jayce mentions we are now on FM Radio.92.1 FM in Kent UK. 

 (8:20) get into discussions about patterned behaviors. We are discussing more actors and actresses in the news and trying to learn their history. It's one thing to see the person you once were and learning from your mistakes. WHere do you draw the line of using someone's past against them? 25 years is too far back in some opinions. This leads to discussions of  " At what point"

(840) its time to talk about emojis- We love emojis. 157 new emojis coming. Do you use emojis? We use some in our chat groups but some of us do and some don't.

 (850) Janet does some Senior news, jokes and  more

 (905) we talk tech on cars this is because we talked about China's police using face recognition glasses. They have had several arrests because of these glasses. This leads to a discussion of tech in cars and sensors going bad/ Lisa makes the most educated statement we have ever heard : Its winter all winter long

 We talk selfies, Onesies, Western Union class action lawsuit, We talk millennials, Tires again Jayce plays some Ron White on Lug Nuts. 

 Lisa shares some news about Florida and tells us interesting facts about Florida that you may not have known.

 We discuss a lotto winner who is trying to sue the state to remain anonymous.   State law states that this is public information and has to be made public. Does this information have to be public? Should it be?


 Come join our chat and listen on your Amazon Alexa:


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February 7, 2018

Kop and Crew 2-7-2018

Hello there. It’s a bit of a crazy morning this morning. Janet isn’t in this morning and Jayce’s kids have a 2 hour delay. So, Lisa, Helen and Eric get you started this morning. Janet won’t be in, mike will be late as usual and Jayce is on delay with the kids school.
The ladies talk Valentine’s day and plans. Is it worth it? Why does the price of chocolate and flowers increase for what? Lisa saids Valentine’s Day is every day. Little notes and sweet things shouldn’t be reserved for just 1 day. Does the value of love change over time? Helen mentions she said “I love you” all time but not that the love has changed but the words shouldn’t have to be said as much. How important is sex?
If we talk about love and relationships, we have to talk divorce. Sometimes, things don’t work out. Sometimes, things go sour. Why does it seem that people are offended by showing love? Focus on loving one another instead of using it for bullying.
Helen talks about a local girls scout who sold 300 boxes of colors in front of a pot dispensary. Smart girl! Both ladies are fans of the Samoa’s but Eric mentions he doesn’t have a favorite. Lisa talks about how Valentine’s Day started with the romans. That’s right, Lisa has another list for us. It’s a list of Valentine’s Day facts. We love Lisa’s lists. One of the things she mentions is that people are giving experiences instead of gifts. That’s an interesting idea. 92% of married couples will spend money on each other. We start Facebook live and have discovered funny ways to say people don’t look the greatest.
We hit some national news and come back
After the break we talk about habits you should change. Some women hang their bag on chairs at restaurants. They should stop doing this because police are looking for a man who has been stealing purses.
We have a guest in the studio. She is a Riki master. Riki is mastering the potential power within oneself. How can you harness he power within you for positive change? Check out this interview! Check her out www.thereikirekease.com
After a quick break we discuss Space X. Although a great concept, why would you take a car to space? New Jersey may be banning menthol cigarettes. They say the cooling in menthol is more toxic than normal cigarettes.
Jayce joins the show and Mike joins too. This sets Lisa into a list of reasons why people are late.
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February 6, 2018

Kop and Crew 2/6/2018

Kop and Crew are Live! We have a strange show planned. We start the day interviewing the crew. It's been 2 and a half to 3 years and its time to get to know the crew. Jayce got started in radio and worked in radio when he got started here. We mention that Jayce was working in a Fm radio station and watching us on Periscope. He is the producer, behind the scenes guy and keeps the machine oiled and moving. 

 Helen got started in radio back in her college days. She is the poster child for remodeling your life and living in the moment and showing everyone that they can say yes to life and enjoying what they do. With the power of positivity, Helen living in the moment and exploring options for growth is her motto. 

 Lisa is in Jacksonville, Florida. She started on WLINY with another show and another co-host. She is the mother of 4 children and we love her. Lisa has been around with WLINY for about a year now and we have corrupted her. Lisa is like our Robin Quivers and is willing to go to the airport and be silly for us. 

 Janet Russell is our resident physic. She has a television show here on Long Island and has had it for the last 20 years. Janet is also a lifelong Long Island resident. She has been doing physic work for over 50 years and is a staple of the morning show.

 Eric Koppelman. The Man the Myth the legend, after all, the show is named after him. 

 Eric was an only child and went into the military right after high school and used his military career to become a New York City Medic. Eric has a musical background and led the blue jackets for the military officials. Eric is the founder, owner of iRadiousa. He started as a mobile DJ and wanted to be the guy who pushed the play button. He is the man behind the morning show and with not only being a musician he is also a local radio personality. Eric has worked at 97.1 Fm Long Island. As the father of 9 Eric is the backbone of the station, the show, and a great man. 


We banter a little bit, run some news and get ready for our guest. 


We come back from our break and Helen talks about how some fast food chains are possibly finding a resolution for baldness. We hear about Ladies versions of Doritos? How the hell is that supposed to work. They are removing the "crunch" from Doritos so ladies will be more interested in eating them and being quieter. 


We have a great show, great people, stories and welcome you to join us every day. Come watch us on Facebook:




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Kop and Crew are live at 7 Am this morning and we have a lot to review. 

Lisa brings us in with reasons people hate Mondays. We think we will make this a new segment. Lisa's effed up fact of the day. Is this like Helen's Jokes?

 Eric is cranky this morning. He claims its just because of its Monday. 

 We talk about the commercials for the Super Bowl. Some people feel some of the commercials were in bad taste. Where is the line of bad taste and walking the line of keeping things relevant and remarkable? Commercials should be memorable and stick in your mind. 

 Our guest today on our Small business spotlight is Brian Cohen. His mission statement is simple: I am inspired by those that help others move beyond setbacks and achieve their own level of success. He is getting a group of people together that are speakers and are sharing a message. 

 Charlie from SeatsLink calls in and talks about all the sports and all the local events going on around town. Charlie informs us about some interesting things about the dog show. Seatslink is your one-stop shop for all your entertainment events. Check out www.seatslink.com Use code LIVE


 Soke Joe joins us in the studio and we also have Sarah Martin. We haven't heard from her in a while and its great to see her.  We have a caller for Sarah. This call goes bad from the start... Make sure you check that out. 

 Sarah tells us about her new film and how she got into filmmaking We have an action-packed show today.  

 Make sure you watch us on Facebook Live:






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