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January 19, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/19/2018

We have a weird show today. Jayce, Helen and Lisa bring you a show remotely. Eric is out of the studio with a sick kid today so they run the show.

 We hit some great stories today, Helen brings you some jokes, lisa tells us an update about the sailor's graduation and Jayce brings a list of things to ask your partner before marrage. 

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January 18, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/18/2018

Kop and Crew start a little late this morning because of a building fire by the studio that blocked traffic. He is fine but that's why we are a little late. We talk about having voice-activated devices in our homes. Jayce has an Alexa in his home that randomly interacted with him without a direct interaction. Jayce Helen and Lisa discuss these devices Alexa, Siri, and Cortona. Some people say " I would never have these devices, these items in my house" they often forget that they already have these devices in their homes. iPhones have Siri, Windows 10 has Cortona, and we also have these devices. It was a great discussion and it was done well. 


 We have Lance Jaynes join us. He is an author and life coach and has a great story to share. He discusses his life growing up and where he got his start in being a life coach. He also discussed The Law Of Attraction. He is also a coach and mentions he has a podcast. Check him out www.choosehappybook.net. He is so down to earth and easy to talk to. Hope you check out this interview! 


Jayce discussed new YouTube rules and regulations regarding monetization of videos. This is because of multiple issues with YouTube and how multiple companies have removed funding because of many different reasons. We also talk about a parent charging their children rent. What do you think about that? Do you think that is a good idea? 


 Come watch our Facebook live video:


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January 17, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/17/2018

Kop and Crew are a little different this morning. We have Jayce, Lisa, and Helen on Skype. They hit on all the important topics and share lots of comments through Facebook and Stream. We touch on a lot of important EVerything from the parents that had the children chained to beds, music therapy, a feel-good story about people, Sneezes and more

 OUr Facebook Feed:


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January 16, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/16/2018

We have a full house today. Helen is back, Jayce, Lisa, Mike, Janet, and Eric have a rather serious day today. We talk about the idea of a nuclear attack. It's a serious show and relevant topics related to the discussion. 


Eric talks about his diet, Helen is back from vacation we missed her. Lisa is back in Florida and we make her Fiance, Danny, Say silly things that she can hear but won't make any sense to her. Let's get some more news. We learn that Mike does comedy, he is also very limber! We can all bend and we didn't know it. We talk flu shots and are they really needed? Lisa is a former nurse and has a valid opinion. Jayce talks about a fantastic rescue of 12 including children who were thrown out of a window of a burning house. Everyone has been rescued and are ok.  

 We talk about the DOW that increased to 26,000 in record time. None of us know anything about the Stocks. 


We hit some jokes. yep, that's how we end the show. 


 We have a great show today. Come check us out and follow us on social media. :


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January 15, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/15/2018

We have a fun show planned for you today. We talk about Hawaii and the Missle episode they had this weekend. 38 minutes to clarify that the emergency text was incorrect. We talk about Eric starting his new diet. His doughnut story is so funny you should hear this. Lisa talks about dumpster diving. She is still sick but this is a weird discussion.


 Heather Davis joins us in the studio. She is taking Lisa's place this morning. We joke that we needed a replacement and Heather took her place. This is because, over the weekend, Lisa went back home to Florida. We miss her already. 


Charlie from Seatslink calls in and gives us the weekly Seatslink report. He gives us all the entertainment news you need to know for Long Island. If you are looking for something to do over the weekend, check out Seatslink.com. Jayce and Charlie talk about the Saints football game last night and the play that has is being called a miracle. 4 quarter, 3rd and 10 10 seconds left in the game Vikings pulled out 1 final play. This play resulted in a touchdown and a comeback lead. Charlie even sings Happy birthday to Lisa.


 We play some games after the call with Charlie. We play Dear Lisa, some family fued and call Doc Carlos for his birthday. 


Jayce shares some news about RAF planes are currently being scrambled to intercept Russian planes approaching the UK from the north. 


all of a sudden, the show breaks down. we end up getting a case of the giggles and losing our minds. 


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Even though her birthday is on Monday, we are celebrating Lisa's birthday on the air today. She doesn't know it yet but we have many surprises for her today. We have a cake and flowers for her and a few other surprises. This is one show you are going to want to watch on our Facebook live as well! We have Hairy George call in and sing Happy birthday.  
 We talk about the craziest place you've made love. Some of us refrain from joining that discussion. Its smarter that way. We read the birthday wishes for Lisa live on air.

The surprise for Lisa comes in it was a great surprise. Now, we have a live studio audience. It's funny. 

Soke Joe comes into the studio and although he was trying to be serious, we had so much fun making him laugh. Lisa's fiance calls in and we have a lot of fun today. Im sure we were supposed to have a guest today but this was so much fun. Fart jokes and more. 

We joke around and have a mock interview for Lisa's replacement.


 Come join the craziness this morning:




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January 11, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/11/2018

Early day getting started early and we realize we made a few mistakes. We had a discussion off-mic and we realize that the discussion was on the mic because was was open accidentally. So the discussion about being gassy the night before was broadcasted live. Wow, what a hell of a start!


We have Bobby Calypso in the house. He was the performer the night of our Holiday party. He was so great about all of us and we welcomed him to the show. We are sure he regrets that decision from the start. He gets a taste of our crazy life before he even gets started. We met him at the Off Key Tiki. He plays us some songs to get our morning started and its a great way to start off the morning! He also owns a business installing palm trees. Bobby gets some great feedback while he is here and Eric starts getting jealous. He even joins Bobby and performs a few songs with him! This has been a great morning show! 


 After Bobby leaves we get into the news. Eric needs a snack and starts eating and we have some fun with that. We talk about how to stay calm when dealing with difficult people. 


 Here is the Facebook video:



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January 10, 2018

Kop and Crew 1-10-2018

Good morning. We start the talking about naked yoga. That's how we start the show. That's a hell of a way to start the show. Would you do naked yoga? Um, some of us would... Most of us wouldn't. Too many concerns regarding sexual harassment and personal space. 

 We share a sad story that leads to the question what would you do if you knew your own mortality. How would you live? What advice would you give to someone if you knew you may not make it another day? Remember the words of David Cassity " So much wasted time"


We have a guest in the studio. She is a Homeopathic doctor. She is going to test Lisa's blood live on the show. wonder what it will show! The doctor tells us all about blood types and the personality traits that match the blood types. From sleeping issues, difficulties consuming different foods, and blood donation. Such a great interview, lots of laughs and fun commentary. 


Want to watch our Facebook Live video:



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January 9, 2018

Kop and Crew 1-9-2018

Good Morning. We start at 8 A.M and we learn that Eric cant shave his own head and the building where Lisa was stuck in the elevator has no public access to the stairs. WHAT?!


We start the day prank calling Danny Ray. He is a friend of the show. He got Eric on a liquid diet that Danny mentioned on Facebook and Eric's wife got him the things for his diet behind his back. It's very funny! Thanks for being a great sport, Danny! We talk some smack to Danny and make him laugh. This turns into a discussion about Jayce and his Mountain Dew addiction. 


 We learn Gvnr Cuomo wants to eliminate tips. We discuss everythig from shared tips to having a livable wage. If they eliminate tips, we agree that they should provide a livable wage. We also feel that this is the reason for many befallen workers. We have a great discussion on what they can do to make that possible or even why they think this is appropriate. 


 In the studio, we have 2 classically trained singers. They talk about the entertainment industry and some of the changes they have encountered. 


 We have a great show today. Make sure you watch us on FB live as well! 





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January 8, 2018

Kop and crew 1/8/2018

Good Morning. We start the day early today that's right. Earlier than 8 Am as we have been starting. Jayce and Eric chit chat about the weekend plans and changes over the weekend


Jayce discusses the weekend event of Logan Paul. For those that missed that he went to Japan and not only acted a typical fool, he went to a place called the Suicide Forest. He found a body in the woods and felt that putting this on Youtube. Youtube allowed it. After some backlash, he took the video down, demonetized the video, and issued a public apology. He is the golden goose of Youtube and is never punished for questionable behavior. We discuss his "apology" and what we feel would be an appropriate punishment. 


We discuss how Lisa is still in Facebook Jail. 


Jayce's Skype freezes but he gets back. 


We discuss the winter weather and how sadly some deaths have been reported. If you have to shovel, please do so carefully and with many breaks. Several reports have been of cardiac arrest as well as slip and falls. 


We hear from Charlie Kauffman from Seatslink. Seatslink is your one-stop shop for all your ticket and entertainment needs. Charlie talks about all your entertainment and sports events on the island for the next week. Make sure you check out Seatslink.com! 


We reach out to the elevator company where Lisa was stuck for over an hour on Friday. No one has reached out to Lisa since then and we call them to let them know. Ok, We prank them and we tell them that Lisa is STILL in the elevator and hasn't been rescued yet. We were immediately put on hold and never rescued. Either way, they say they sent someone but nothing was documented. 


In the studio, we have Giovanni Naso. He is an interior designer with many years of experience. We talk to him all about his passion, how he gets to know his clients. Gio tells us about how he gets his inspiration, how he talks to his clients to get the best room the client could ever want. Check him out HEREhttps://www.gionaso.com/


Facebook Live:


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