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Jimmy and Gina both are out of the studio today. Jimmy's sister is heading back home so he took her to the airport. Gina is finishing packing for her move.
Jayce joins Eric a little earlier than normal.
We start the morning show off with some motivation. It's a great way to start any morning!
Jayce joins Eric and they banter for a bit. They discuss a 105 year old woman who graduated from college! Jayce brings up a great point. It was a different world back then so this is a great accomplishment for anyone!

We learn that Calamity Gina lives up to her name. She fell down the steps while packing. She is scratched up bit she will be ok. Since she is ok, the guys pick on her a little. She has a few scrapes to account for it but still no video! Jayce plays a funny clip about Gina falling down the steps. As long as she is not too seriously injured, it's ok.
Calamity Gina calls in and reports everything that happened. She is ok. She laughs at herself.
We have janet Russell in studio this morning. We have some fun giving some listeners some readings, we have Tai's Trending Tips at 930 and we laugh with her as well.
We have a great show even though we are short staffed. We bring you news, stories and entertainment as we always do. Check out the show today!

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Jimmy is in Studio and Gina is at home packing for her move. We start the morning off discussing a new sponsor. We also discussed the potential for cesspool damage and collapse.
We discuss North Korea and their ability to bomb the west coast and we discuss that chef Gail will be joining us.
We talked about Gina getting home and finding her apartment wide open. She is so happy to be moving. Maybe somebody can explain to us why she use an umbrella as a weapon.
We discuss a high-profile rockstar death from last night into this morning. Of course it is still early and we will not speculate but we discuss our opinion.
Eric confesses his love for Rosemary this morning. And who is getting their car wrapped with a picture of Eric in a thong?
We discuss the Walmart on some of the issues that they are having currently. We get an update directly from A Walmart employee regarding these issues.
Chef Gail joins us this morning and she brings food. We learned that Eric did not notify Gina of this so she was forced to watch us eat.
We have a great show today and you don't want to miss this

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Good morning everyone.
Today we recap Gina's brave attempt at using a Umbrella as a weapon. Still a funny story. And only funny because she is ok and not hurt . Her apartment complex left the door open to her apartment and no one was held responsible for that. She is happy to be moving because of all the troubles she has had to endure at this place.

Jimmy's sister is in town from England today. He is not on the show this morning. We hope his sister had a rest time while she was here and next time we want to meet her.
Today we discuss a sensitive subject. Jayce's son was hurt at school yesterday. The school saids that he slammed his face on a sleeping mat while having a tantrum. Seems legit but the injury is inconsistent with that. The injury is across the bridge of his nose. Not the tip of his nose. The tip of the nose is the first to hit something- not the bridge of your nose.

This discussion took a large portion of the show. It was a sensitive subject for everyone and we hope his son is ok.
Tai's Trending Tip this morning even relates to the same discussion.

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Good morning! Gina is back in studio! We are glad to have her but she isn't thrilled to be home from her vacation.
We discuss a mother who beat her child because he didn't make her a Mother's Day card! How ironic! We discuss a man who masturbates publicly in Portland. He states he "F*****g Hates Portland" and "Waned to be back in jail"
The morning show crew tried to kill Jayce by sending him to the "bottom" of Lake Ronkonkoma. Jayce calls while getting the kids ready for school to defend himself. Gina, Jimmy and Eric vote and Jayce gets no say.
We talk about a local pizza shop caught up for selling cocaine. $115,00 in cash and weapons were also found on the establishment.
Today we talk to the "Turn it around" Team. We talk to them about cruises, and how to become a home based travel agent!
Today we also have Tai's Trending Tip (well, normally supposed to be 930 but a bit late today)
We have a great show today. Rapid fire, covering a number of topics and discussions and sharing a lot of information!
Ps, 6.4K views on Facebook Live this morning- Thank You!

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We have Gina back! We are so excited to hear how her cruise went. We discuss the Cuber attacks on people's computers.
We catch Gina up on all that she missed while she was gone and we learn of her S.N.A.F.U at the Airport on the way home. Between rude airport Personelle,sick kids and remarks about disability. Why can't airports learn that they we are people too? Why would they take a toy away from a child that's scared of flying? C'mon, Southwest- what's the deal?
We have a stupid spelling bee on the morning show. A 12 year old girl won the state spelling bee and put us all to shame.
JetBlue is in the news for kicking a family off the plane for a piece of cake. They had it in the overhead Bin, told to move it, moved it under the seat. They were then accused of being Drunk. We question who brings cakes on a flight. We also question how far these airlines are going to keep fighting people.
Jayce is in and has an entire pack of Oreos to himself and he is so happy. He isn't sharing with anyone.
We discuss our numbers for the last 8 months. Recorded statistics and counting all our syndicates :
1, 268,800
We talk to Charlie from Seatslink.com about the new venue for Rock Allegiance, local sporting events, WWE Raw at the Prudential Center, and local events!
We get our Trending Tip from Tai after 930 but it's still a great Rio for businesses to stay in touch with website visitors!

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Our Friday morning is crazy!
We start the morning with some banter about Gina and Sam and a cap about our morning and what we expect.
Eric shares a story about a Chinese man that swallows pens, we talk about Jimmy and his adventures at KMart and we call KMart Live. Apparently online orders through Kmart don't show in the system. We talk to the store manager about how that works and any remedy for that.

We learn that Eric doesn't call people back. So, Eric calls Jayce live on the air. What a bonehead! Why is Jimmy calling Jayce too? Good thing he didn't say "Bless you" we hear from Hairy George today as well.
Jayce learned that Jimmy recorded a song about Viagra and shares it with the morning show. Jayce insults Jimmy in the chat room.

We get a check in from Brian Lee. He discusses a local police officer who pulls a gun on a driver for where they are parking. Some would say "Comply and there wouldn't be any issues" others think the police went too far. What do you think? We discuss Eric outside Ft. Knox, Jayce getting pulled over by the cops all in the name of getting an icecream too.
At 9 A.M we talk to the Drunkin' Baker. We discuss her business and her alcohol infused bakery items, icecream and more. We also discuss the possibility of broadcasting live on location, making a Kop and Calamity Alcohol infused cupcake. We love Janet the Drunkin baker and can't wait to hear from her soon.
At 930 we talk to Tai about her Trending Tip of the Day!
Tai made a Facebook page about Eric! Come check it out! Have a great Mother's Day weekend! See you all on Monday!

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We start our morning with Eric having a Temper tantrum about coffee... again?! we don't feel bad for him anymore. He brought this on himself. We tell him constantly not to get coffee from 7- Eleven. We recap who is going to be on the show today and what we will be talking about. We flirt with Stephanie this morning asking if we can return a used blow up doll to Wal-Mart.

We come back from break and discuss Eric getting a call from a scammer again and this guy said that he is calling from the IRS, a dummy who changed his name to Hitler and changed all the names of his kids to German names. Jayce wants to be sponsored by Mountain Dew, We talk about Weed Vending machines, A college that booed the administration. The articles are on the Kop and Calamity FaceBook Page.

We get a phone call from Gina now that she is back in the states. She calls in and gives us an update that she is headed home and that she is happy to be home. We hear from Linda regarding a food drive for the local post office. Linda talks about See Whats Coming program through USPS. It's a program that allows you to see what mail you should be expecting when you arrive home. Is this a good idea? Does this hold more accountability for the mail carriers? Or is this just the USPS growing with the times?

At 9 AM, we talk to Burt Ward ( Robin, the boy wonder) about his career as well as his company " Gentle Giants Animal Rescue" as well as his brand of Dog food that helps preserve a dog's life and prolongs the life of your best friend.

We hear from Tai at 930 A.M Is about helping teens learn money Management and how to help them control spending through Green Light Card. It's a card that allows parents to help monitor and curb bad spending habits of the card holder.

All this ad more today on the Kop and Calamity Morning show for your Thursday Morning

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Join Kop, Calamity, Jayce and Jimmy for America's favorite Internet Radio Morning Show. Today we welcome actor Paul Sorvino of Goodfellas fame. Paul talks about his new cookbook written with his wife Dee Dee. Tai joins us for Tai's Trending Tips. Gina's on a cruise! We start the day with Eric having a temper tantrum about coffee. We have told Eric many times not to go to 7-11. He can also make it at home. We have a Keürig in the studio.
Jayce scared Gina while she is on her cruise. Eric talks about how Gina called him last night because of a message Jayce left.
We talk about Spirit Airlines, South West Airlines and how the airline industry is getting out of hand.
We hear from Shaun this morning. It was a touching phone call. He expressed gratitude, thanks, and love for for love and support we showed him. It was a welcomed phone call and showed how we are all truly a family. We make Shaun laugh to try to help him.

Jayce has to help Eric learn how to use Dropbox live on the air. We play The Band Hennessy's newest song "Cyanide"
We discuss ConEd and the oil spill they are dealing with. Over 37,000 gallons that have leaked and they say it's "non-poisonous". We discuss the GoFundMe account for the injured postal worker and how the postal worker can retain the money received.
Wow! Joleen brings milk for Eric's coffee so he can stop complaining.
We talk about a guy facing felony charges for driving through a toll plaza with his plate covered.
We discuss a motorcycle cop that was struck by a police car in a funeral procession, motorized Little Tyke cars, and if we would drive it.

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Today we start the morning show with your recap on news and fun stories. Nothing too serious. Just enough to share. We discuss a Teacher who scares her entire class while in a coffin, a White House Press release that requires some decryption. No one understands those things. We talk about a Bar using Facebook to shame a group of customers who skipped out on a bill. Is that appropriate? Should customers be shamed? We have some issues with the system this morning. Jayce has to show Eric where some things are hiding. Jimmy shares some silly jokes from the chat. This morning we express our sympathies with our long time listener, Shaun. His father passes away early this morning. We take a moment to say something special to Shaun and remind him that we are all here for him in his time of need. Eric and Jimmy recreate the Abbot and Costello " Who's on first" skit only the way they can. We also leave a voicemail for Gina and Sam who are still on the cruise. Jayce has a food temper tantrum. This Morning we hear from Turn It Around Online Traveling company discussing not being Limited by the fear of missing out. We talk to Tai at 930 A.M this morning for her Trending Tip. Today's tip is about how to get paid for losing weight. All this and more on today's episode of Kop and Calamity in the morning.

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Today is our first day without Gina. She is on her cruise. Eric addressed a question on Facebook over the weekend and we discuss the responses. Today we talk about using goats to mow your lawn and that people have actually turned this into a business on Amazon. Someone stole a Ronald McDonald statue, a police pursuit into Maryland and that she identifies herself as Hillary Clinton. Jimmy pulls a prank on Jayce on-Air
830 we talked to Charlie from Seatslink for the weekly event report! Charlie saids we are having too much fun this morning.
We talk to a local entrepreneur this morning. The creator of John's Crazy Socks. A rapidly growing business producing socks for all different styles and donating profits to the special Olympics.
Today at 930...... well, later than that- we hear from Tai Vicari and her Trending Tips.
Today's tips is about alcohol infused icecream.
All this and more on today's episode of Kop and Calamity in the morning!

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