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September 22, 2017

Kop and Crew Friday 9-22-2017

We start the day discussing a woman who freaks out in Kathy's Crab House in Delaware City, Delaware. The lady feels that a Service member and his service animal shouldn't be welcomed in the establishment. She continues to berate not only the establishment but the other patrons of the establishment who defended the serviceman. 
 We play the audio as well as post the video to our facebook page. View at your own risk. 


 We take a moment to discuss the Google traffic and how there is an issue recently with fake traffic. and.......WHAT THE HELL IS MIKE WEARING?


Mike normally comes in wearing a nice suit. Tonight he is doing a play and is dressed like a Russian dictator 


We speak to Paul Mecurio. He is an up and coming comedian. We talk to Paul for over a half hour and we laughed the entire time. We talk about his history as a comedian, his life growing up and his mother. He invites Eric to join him on his podcast and we have a great time. 

 No Tai this morning. 

 We end the show talking about Jayce who recently applied to be a local police officer. 


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 Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday! 


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Today we learn- Haters gonna to hate. 

 Someone took offence to something we played yesterday. See yesterdays show for the "offensive" thing and see if you took offence to it too. 

 First of all, We are an internet radio station, we aren't governed by the FCC or any other authority. If we cross the line, that's on us. That's our decision. The fact that you even listen enough to make a complaint about what you don't like means YOU ALREADY LISTENED. And for that, we are grateful. You don't have to send nasty emails to everyone involved with the show because it's not to your liking. 

We talk to John Zigler an up and coming comedian who won a local comedian search and is headlining Governers comedy club. We talked about his up and coming career as a comedian. It was great meeting John and he is welcome anytime. 


 Tai calls in with her daily Trending Tip. Her tip today is an app that helps you find friends. the name of the app is called SKOUT:



With Tai, we also discuss the iPhone X and facial recognition and how, although it counts as DNA, biometrics can be bypassed, legally obtained and you have waived that right by using the feature. 

 Kristi Beck calls in from California and gives us an update about the Million Parent March she attended in DC over the weekend. 
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September 20, 2017

Kop and Crew 9/20/2017

Busy Morning Show Morning....Independent Film Maker Sarah Martin 8 AM (Discussing her upcoming project) Comedian John Ziegler 8:30 AM (John Ziegler is a comedian from Long Island NY. He is the winner of the 2015 "funniest comic on the East coast" contest at Mohegan Sun. He headlines clubs around the country. This year John recorded his 1st comedy album. He has been an opener for such acts as Sebastian Maniscalco, Jim Breuer, Jim Norton, Gilbert Gottfried, and Bobby Collins. This Friday, September 22nd he will be headlining Governors comedy club at 8 pm and Saturday, September 23rd he will be headlining at McGuires comedy club at 7:00 and 9:30 pm.) and Solar Power Expert Christina Mathieson at 9AM (I'll be discussing what homeowners and real estate professionals need to know about solar power and how "free solar" can wreak havoc in a real estate transaction.) 

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Ok, folks. Today we have a short show. 

We have a tech issue half way through the show and the entire studio shuts down. 

We start discussing the captivating case of Kenneka Jenkins. a 19-year-old female who was found dead in an industrial freezer after a hotel party she attended.  

Here is the article we discussed. Please remember this is still an ongoing case. We do not have all the information on the case and we share the information we have from the articles we found. Here is that article.



 We also reference the Philip Defranco video with additional information. Here is that video so you can make your own decision with the information we have:


Again, this was a short show because of technical issues. We apologize for the issues and we will have it fixed by tomorrow morning. 


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See you all tomorrow! 

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September 18, 2017

Manic Monday 9/18/2017

Good Morning and a happy Monday. Don't worry, we aren't always this chipper and we don't expect it to last, Just want to give you something to look forward to. 

 Helen and Janet come in early and we are off to the races. Already with the old jokes, dudes in bras and jokes. 

 After the national news, Jayce plays some new commercials and gets the crew laughing. 


Charlie From Seatslink Calls in to give us a report of the local sporting and entertainment events. Seatslink.com is our sponsor and so much great information. 


Tai calls in at 930 and as usual, we cant be serious. We drag Tai and everything else down with us. Her tip of the day is all about making sure you have the perfect employee, 


 Every weekday moring from 7-10 A.M EST we have too much fun and we would love for you to join us. 

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September 15, 2017

Kop and Crew 9/15/2017

We have a wild show for you

 We start off with Jayce and Eric they discuss the evening's events and some news. 


Jayce features a new commercial they found and it turns into a riot! More on that later


Helen and Janet come into the studio and so does Mike.

 We call the Iceman for his birthday. He is about to move with his show to Nashville and we want to sing to him. don't judge us


Tai calls in for her daily Trending Tip and today it's all about working remotely:



 Don't forget to join us every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M (EST) we are also on iTunes iHeartradio, Podbean, Podsnack, Mixlr, Spreaker and the website at www.wliny.com 

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September 14, 2017

Kop and Crew 9-14-2017

Kop and Jayce start off the show and Eric mentioned the Olympics are supposed to make a return to the UUA in 2028. Eric believes he will be dead by then and isn't sure he will be alive by then. He said his wife is being nice to him so he must be dying. 

 Kristi Beck joins us from California this morning. She is hiding in her car at 5 A.M joining us. She sides with Linda when Eric talks shit this morning. 


Dr. Nan Ni came into the studio today and gives Joleen acupuncture live on the air. The doctor answered questions about acupuncture from our listeners.


 Sarah Martin, a local movie producer is in the studio talking about her new movie she is filming. We also have another guest in the studio. 

John Pachino. From Hunted on CBS in the studio hanging out with Eric. He has a new project he is working on and wants to talk to Eric about it. 


Tai called in and provided her daily Trending Tip for the day. It's all about saving money. Here is the tip:


Kop and Crew every week day morning and on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Podsnack, Mixlr, Spreaker and watch us live on www.wliny.com


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September 13, 2017

Kop and Crew 9/13/2017

Today Jayce, Mike, Helen, Janet and Eric have a great show for you. We talk about all kinds of things to make sure you stay laughing and stay with us all 3 hours. 


 Jayce and Eric start of the show talking about last night and what they are up to. They didnt do much but eric is grateful that Jayce uploaded the WLINY channel with all the week's episodes. 


 Eric realizes why no one has arrived at the studio yet. He left the studio door locked and Janet, Mike and Helen have been waiting ourside for 25 minutes. 


 We hear from Arjun Singh. Arjun is a teacher and author. He has a book called Desert Teacher. He called us live from India. 

We also hear from Bella, a victim and survivor of hurricane Irma. She is recovering well and staying positive through all of this

 We hear from Tai Vicari and her daily Trending Tip here on the morning show. Its a great tip about shopping online and the best place that she has shopped online. 


 As always we cant end the morning show without a few laughs and acting.... immature. We have a few farts and laughs to end the show.


 Kop and Crew every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M ( EST) 

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September 11, 2017

Kop and Crew 9/11/2017

We start the day off with a bit of a somber note this is the 16th anniversary of 9/11/2001 and the Terror attacks on New York and the Twin Towers. We remember. We will never forget. 


We hear from Tammy out in California and hear how her weekend went. We have a few laughs at what she did over the weekend. Jayce recalls her text she sent to Jayce saying she was uploading to "the sky" we think she meant "the Cloud" We love, Tammy and we are grateful for her call this morning!


We hear from Debbie this morning about the event they are going to be doing. They are looking for a sponsor for their event. Angels of Long Island and how they are helping the local area. We continue to show support to the Angels of Long Island. We are grateful for all they are doing for the community. 


Charlie from Seatlinks calls in and gives us the run down of the local entertainment. We start talking about the naked bike ride with Charlie. Charlie said a portion of this week's purchases will go to the Bouchedid Foundation. The Bouchedid Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to identify and evaluate thousands of charities and non-profit service organizations and rank them using our proprietary algorithm to determine which causes to fund directly. 



Tai's Trending tip today is to remember the meaning of today. She discusses the impact of the day on her family and exploring the 9/11 memorial digitally.



We end the show playing the live feed from Ground Zero as they read the names of the victims of 9/11 

Never forget

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Good Morning, Everyone! We have made it through another week. The kids are all back to school and us adults have to go back to work. Thank you for spending the week with us. 

Hurrican Irma is getting closer to making landfall. There has been a lot of damage in it its path so far. 

 We discuss the sheriff that posted to twitter that leaves a lot of people questioning the intent to provide safety or use it as an unfair roundup. :



We have a full house today. Mike, Janet, Helen, Jayce, and Eric have a lot to talk about today.


We discuss the Equifax security breach. This was first discovered in July but is now making the news. What have they done or prevented us from knowing? Why have they waited so long to let us know? Here is the telephone number to call to learn if your information has been jeopardized. Equifax Security Department  866-447-7559


We talk about a fight in a Popeye's and how a pregnant employee, as well as several other employees, got into a brawl.  We make a few jokes about the reason as to why people would fight over food. We also get very serious because we pray the people involved are ok. Video attached- view article here:



We get a live update from one of our listeners, Bella, just north of Miami. We are getting updated information from her and whats going on there in Florida. We are getting as much information as we can regarding the storm and updates to traffic, shelter and more. Our prayers are with her and everyone in Florida as well as Hurricane Harvey. We also hear live amateur radio of the storm watch. We hear live radio information from NOAA and the live hurricane information. 


Tai calls us at 930 for her daily #TrendingTip.


Tai's Tip today is how to best help your child. It is called "Tool of the week."




 We cover breaking news out of Ohio and a school shooting. 


  Check Out Kop and Crew every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M ( EST) we are on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Podsnack, Mixlr, Spreaker and on the website at www.wliny.com 

 If you watch on the website, you can watch us live! See you all on Monday! Have a great weekend! 

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