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November 22, 2017

Kop and Crew 11/22/2017

We start off our morning paying our respects to David Cassity. He Passed away yesterday evening and we mention his career and notable moments. 

 We have Lisa, Helen, Anthony, Jayce and Eric in the studio.  Lisa tells us a story about what happened at her hair salon yesterday. She was lied to and feels like she was lied to and we want answers. 

 We hear from Gina this morning She got married a few days ago. She calls in and we talk about where she is going on her honeymoon. 

We talk about a pop- up movie theater coming to JFK. What movie would you like to watch in the Pop-up theater in JFK? Titanic, snakes on a plane, or Alive.


Tierney ( Eric's daughter) gets a call from us this morning we find out what she is doing tomorrow for her dad's birthday as well as Thanksgiving. We also hear from Linda about the plans for Thanksgiving.


Lisa makes a comment about wanting coffee. We reach out to her boyfriend and tell him that she wants coffee.

We also allow Danny to plug his business PinnicleQuote. 


We come back from break and call the salon that Lisa went to and try to fix the issues she had yesterday. Mike graces us with his presence, Jayce resets all the cameras, mics and everything else. That's why he is a producer!


Anthony talks about goals. He has always been so positive since he called in last week and has always helped spread positivity. Anthony is a great guy and we love hearing what he has to say. 


Tai calls in and shares the information about a Hurricane relief they are having a huge tribute event next week and 



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November 21, 2017

Tuesday 11/21/2017

Jayce is in the house and we checked the hallway for cops. The ladies come to the studio and we have a full house. we play some Christmas music and get you in the mood.

 We chat with Jayce for a while since he is in from Delaware. Everyone thinks he is cute.... Not us! Just kidding.


We talk to Debbie from ANgels of Long Island and discuss how that need toys for the children this year. Listen for details to see how you can help.

 Lisa gives us the weather, wait...... maybe again with the weather..... Sorta... We have some fun with the weather this morning. 


Hairy George calls in and gives Jayce a hard time about being there in NY.


Lisa offers some tips to keep men sexy and it gives us a show. Just wait until you see this. 


 We take a break and we have Paul and Mike in the house. Yes, we really have a full house today and Eric is jealous that he isn't the eye candy. 


 We hear from the turn it around team regarding the best travel methods. Everything from pricing, bundling and more. They are knowledgeable and best suited to answer the questions we have regarding travel.  You can reach them at Turnitaroundonline.com or 888-631-8728


We chit chat for a while after soe news and talk about a man who broke into a bar, cooked cleaned and left. Didn't steal anything. 

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November 20, 2017

Monday 11/20/2017

We have a great show for you. We have a busy week ahead of us. Jayce is coming here tomorrow morning and thinks we should be excited like he is something special. 

We start our morning off with a few dirty jokes and what else would you expect? We go over what we did this weekend. We talk to Martin, Linda, and Laurinda this morning. We also learn that Eric saw a Poligimy commercial on TV last night. Laurinda tells what she has been watching and its also a show about Polygamy. 


 Laurinda tells us about Holla App. Related to Uber or Lyft but all certified drivers will be TLC certified. Jayce mentions that the TLC is only a New York thing. ( http://www.nyc.gov/html/tlc/html/home/home.shtml)


We come back from commercial and we talk to Charlie Kauffman. He is from SeatsLink and he gives us the weekly rundown of the weeks events. We love hearing from Charlie and learning some of the things going on. 


We play some Dysfunctional Family Feud some fun times and have a lot of laughs.

 We discuss Charlie Manson and his death over the weekend. We discuss the crimes, the person, the discussion leads to some interesting ideas. 

On January 1, 2017, Manson was suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding at California State Prison in Corcoran when he was rushed to Mercy Hospital in downtown Bakersfield. 

On November 15, 2017, it was confirmed by a source not authorized to speak on behalf of the corrections department that Manson had returned to a hospital in Bakersfield. In compliance with federal and state medical privacy laws, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation did not confirm this. He died of natural causes at the hospital four days later, on November 19, a week after his 83rd birthday.


Jayce will be in studio tomorrow morning and be here until Thursday. We will see you all then! Have a great day and catch you all tomorrow! 



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November 17, 2017

Kop and Crew 11/17/2017

Good Friday morning to you! 
 we have a few tech issues this morning and we resolve them quickly. Lisa is all star-spangled and covered in her red for our troops.

We have a surprise this morning- Yesterday we talked to Anthony. He called from the city and we were excited to hear his call. Today, he surprised us in the studio. It was a huge surprise and we are happy to see him. We interview him and get to know him. He is a great guy and it was a pleasure having him in the studio. It's always nice to meet new listeners and getting to meet the people that listen to us. He told us about him growing up in Ireland and what brought him to the states. 


Soko Joe joins us in the studio and Mike finally joins us

We hear from Charlie Kauffman this morning at Seatslink. Charlie talked about Vettix a donation service of event tickets for different events.


Soke Joe joins us this morning He talks about some of the self-defense things he has learned about this week. This is a new segment that we will start having. He discusses a situation that happened in life and how this has impacted life. 


We discuss angry faces, kidnapping and how would you defuse something on the street. You'll want to see the video for this. 


We wrap the show with some information about how we are reaching new listeners and how you can get the word out about your business.

 Join us every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M (EST) for a radio show like you've never heard before. 


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Eric is in rare form this morning. Jayce announces that he is going to New York for Eric's birthday. Lisa, Janet, Jayce, and Eric have a great show for you!

 Eric starts off telling us that he spend several hours cleaning his lawn of the leaves that fell. He got up the other morning and noticed someone emptied the leaves and took the bags.


We hear that Greggs, a British bakery chain with more than 1,800 locations, released an advent calendar with coupons and cheeky holiday images. One shows the Three Wise Men gathered around a manger with a meaty treat in place of the baby Jesus. 

That led to some grumbles, and even calls for a boycott. 


We hear from Arjun this morning. He is in India and is also an author. He shares a story about his son who is on vacation. He tells stories how his son, as well as Eric's son, have become friends. They talk about each other and share stories from the different cultures and countries. We talk about the idea of setting Arjun up with a radio station there in his country. 

 We hear from Anthony. He is calling from New York and just wanted to call in and say hello. Thank you for calling, Anthony.  
 We come back from break and we talk about Black Friday Shopping. Have you started your shopping yet? We haven't. 
We prank call Debbie Losche from Angels of Long Island to let her know we are thinking of her, we do some rapid-fire news and try to end the show on a funny note. 
3 people who got parking tickets but don't even live in the county, a Perve in Japan, and we talk Naked and afraid. 
 As uasualm we get a little wild at the end of the show and it gets very funny. Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you all again tomorrow. 
Don't forget to watch our live video:
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November 15, 2017

Kop and Crew 11/15/2017

We start our morning off discussing current news and gun control. We have trolls in our stream this morning and we settle that problem quickly. 

 We talk to Lisa about how her trip back home went. We are glad she is well this morning and surprised how fast she got to Florida and managed to avoid a ticket. 

 We hear about a facial transplant. That seems like a strange thing to do and consider doing. 


 We talk about the polar bear plunge. Would you do it? Jumping into cold water for a cause. Special needs groups get sponsors for the event and it has become so popular that it is even held in different parts of the country. 

 We talk about Marquise Goodwin and the sad news for him over the weekend. 

After his wife, Morgan, encouraged him to play, the usually dapper Goodwin arrived in sweats, having come directly from the hospital after their son was delivered stillborn in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Goodwin hadn't slept after spending the night by his wife's side and he was about to play in a professional football game wholly unprepared, save for the two most important influences in his life: his faith and his wife.

We discuss this to also talk about Jimmy Fallon who just returned to TV after taking a week off. His mother passed away and he needed some personal time. Can't blame the guys. We all mourn differently. 


We talk to Clay Lowe from Radio Warwickshire in The UK. He recently picked up 2 of our shows and it's nice to have a fellow radioman on with us! Originally from New Jersey, he started in radio 5 years ago. Clay was a great sport and a great addition to the morning show this morning. Even at 2 in the afternoon, he was a lot of fun to chat with and we had a lot of fun with him. 


We discuss several news things with rapid fire. We discuss a woman who felt so moved by honor guard removing the body of a fallen soldier from a Plane asked to sing the national anthem and was denied. We also discuss GQ magazine who is honoring Colin Koppernick as " Citizen of the year" instead of someone else. There has been much backlash and discussion regarding that decision. We talk to Clay and ask his opinion regarding the matter and what the opinion is of the public there in the U.K.


We check in with Ed Munoz. He is currently working in PR as armed personnel helping to establish some kind of order and security there. We get an inside scoop on whats going on since the hurricane and learn why it hasn't yet been restored. We are forever grateful for Ed and the information he helped share. 

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November 14, 2017

Kop and Crew 11-14-2017

Well, good morning to you!

Lisa is back on the road to Florida and she joins us via Skype this morning with Jayce. 

This morning we start the morning with the Harmonic Tide a Barbershop quartet singing us some song this morning. It's a great way to start the show. Not how your normal radio show starts off and it's wonderful! It's rather... Peaceful. They start the show off on such a great note, great sound and it was great to meet them. Eric and his Father used to be in a quartet many years ago before his father passed away. Eric joined the quartet this morning and it was very touching. Check them out www.harbormen.org 631-766-9153 they are also on Facebook and Youtube. 


Gary Jacobs is in the studio. He is discussing his friend YaYa Mcclain's new movie. They are discussing the movie and some of the guests they have in the movie. It's a very emotional movie as well as stories that are being told. It's going to be a very surreal movie and we are interested to see how the premiere goes. Best of luck to them. We hear from Brian Lee. He is another radio host related to Parental Alienation. We discuss the "Cash me outside" girl and her father. Her father was on Brian's show. He is going to be back on Brians show again soon. 


We had a lot of vsual demonstrations and things to see. We are live on camera every morning. Join us from 7-10 (A.M EST) and watch us on 



and on our website on www.kopandcrew.com




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November 13, 2017

Monday 11/13/2017

Good Monday Morning to you! 

 Where is everyone? We facetime Lisa and we learn that Helen, Janet as well as Paulie C are walking into the building as we start the show. 

 Jayce notices that they need better songs in commercials to help sell the product. He found a video to help perfectly explain the situation and it turns out to be very funny! Great songs and perfect products meshed together to sell items. 


Helen notes its Kindness day. We go round-table and say nice things to each other.

We play a little game while mike gets set up with a mic. 

 We talk about another Kneeling issue but the question is more about not kneeling. The situation is that a member of the NFL wore a homemade sign that read " I Will Stand"
 The NFL replay man working the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-New York Jets game made his way out onto the field during a challenge with a small sign attached to the back of his hat in protest of NFL player who has kneeled or continue to kneel during the National Anthem. Do you think that this makes official the game become tainted?

Lisa is going back to Florida today. We will miss her and we hope she gets home safe. Love ya Lisa! 



We have a great show today. We talk about all kinds of things and we have a great time. We hear from Kristi Beck live from California and its a lot of fun! 

 Join us every weekday morning live streaming and every weekday morning after for the podcast. 


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November 9, 2017

Kop and Crew 11/9/2017

Good Morning! 

 This morning We have Jayce, Helen, Lisa and Eric in the house!

Mike is at a taping of a TV show. So, he isn't in the studio today. Janet will be a little late this morning. She has some things to take care of.

 We talk about farts, letters we would write to companies for 1 favor, middle names and jokes about ice cream. 

 We touch base with a loyal listener, sarge, who had a car accident yesterday. We learn that he is in good health and although sore, he is ok. 

 We share a song called Camafoluge and Christmas lights for Sarge. It's a sensitive song and Lisa has to walk off set. You have to remember that her son is in the Navy. 

 We have Eva G Kane in the studio. She has a great story to share  IT'S NOT TOO LATE BABY  is a program designed to help you to grow as an individual person and to avoid the ever-increasing fad of DIVORCE!




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November 8, 2017

Kop and Crew 11/8/2017

Good Morning! Eric is back and its already a great show. Jayce is frozen in his attic and has his hoodie wrapped around his head. It was funny. 

 Yesterday was Election day on Long Island and we took the day off. Lisa, Janet, Helen, and Eric all voted. Jayce did not. Lisa had some issues with Santa and Eric has a meltdown about the real Santa.


We are curious- Should family members chip in for food for holidays? 

 We discuss different ways to vote. They say that the younger demographic don't vote. We discuss the chance for change. If there was a mobile application or a way to vote from your phone, would you choose that method over going to a location, Standing line or more? We got a great comment:
 With the millennials becoming a larger demographic we’re in an age of convenience and when people’s lives are disrupted it’s found to be an inconvenience instead of a privilege that prior generations worked to achieve and considered it a privilege. 
 So you think this is true or false?


We hear that Twitter is going to increase character limit to 250 instead of 150. This should be useful for extended messages. Would this be useful to you?


Jayce issued an apology for something he said on Monday.

 We do some rapid-fire news

 Lisa makes a wager with Jayce so that he can stop drinking Mountain Dew. That's not going to happen.  Jayce drinks 3 sodas per episode. 


We have such a great time this morning. We have different stories, articles to discuss and.... WHat the hell was that? Jayce's new mic is very sensitive. We can hear the traffic behind him outside his house. 



 Lots of fun today and we hope you join us live every morning on WLINY.com Kopandcrew.com and follow us on social media. See you all next time! 


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