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May 15, 2017


We start our morning with Eric having a Temper tantrum about coffee... again?! we don't feel bad for him anymore. He brought this on himself. We tell him constantly not to get coffee from 7- Eleven. We recap who is going to be on the show today and what we will be talking about. We flirt with Stephanie this morning asking if we can return a used blow up doll to Wal-Mart.

We come back from break and discuss Eric getting a call from a scammer again and this guy said that he is calling from the IRS, a dummy who changed his name to Hitler and changed all the names of his kids to German names. Jayce wants to be sponsored by Mountain Dew, We talk about Weed Vending machines, A college that booed the administration. The articles are on the Kop and Calamity FaceBook Page.

We get a phone call from Gina now that she is back in the states. She calls in and gives us an update that she is headed home and that she is happy to be home. We hear from Linda regarding a food drive for the local post office. Linda talks about See Whats Coming program through USPS. It's a program that allows you to see what mail you should be expecting when you arrive home. Is this a good idea? Does this hold more accountability for the mail carriers? Or is this just the USPS growing with the times?

At 9 AM, we talk to Burt Ward ( Robin, the boy wonder) about his career as well as his company " Gentle Giants Animal Rescue" as well as his brand of Dog food that helps preserve a dog's life and prolongs the life of your best friend.

We hear from Tai at 930 A.M Is about helping teens learn money Management and how to help them control spending through Green Light Card. It's a card that allows parents to help monitor and curb bad spending habits of the card holder.

All this ad more today on the Kop and Calamity Morning show for your Thursday Morning


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