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May 17, 2017


Our Friday morning is crazy!
We start the morning with some banter about Gina and Sam and a cap about our morning and what we expect.
Eric shares a story about a Chinese man that swallows pens, we talk about Jimmy and his adventures at KMart and we call KMart Live. Apparently online orders through Kmart don't show in the system. We talk to the store manager about how that works and any remedy for that.

We learn that Eric doesn't call people back. So, Eric calls Jayce live on the air. What a bonehead! Why is Jimmy calling Jayce too? Good thing he didn't say "Bless you" we hear from Hairy George today as well.
Jayce learned that Jimmy recorded a song about Viagra and shares it with the morning show. Jayce insults Jimmy in the chat room.

We get a check in from Brian Lee. He discusses a local police officer who pulls a gun on a driver for where they are parking. Some would say "Comply and there wouldn't be any issues" others think the police went too far. What do you think? We discuss Eric outside Ft. Knox, Jayce getting pulled over by the cops all in the name of getting an icecream too.
At 9 A.M we talk to the Drunkin' Baker. We discuss her business and her alcohol infused bakery items, icecream and more. We also discuss the possibility of broadcasting live on location, making a Kop and Calamity Alcohol infused cupcake. We love Janet the Drunkin baker and can't wait to hear from her soon.
At 930 we talk to Tai about her Trending Tip of the Day!
Tai made a Facebook page about Eric! Come check it out! Have a great Mother's Day weekend! See you all on Monday!


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