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Good Friday Morning to you! 

 Helen, Jayce. Lisa and Eric have a great show for you. We talk about what happened last night. A few of us have had a great night and want to share that with you. We talk about Christmas songs and Jayce plays a parody. He also plays a song from Hairy George. Great, song 


Helen tells us its National free shipping day


Eric tells us about an experience at Wendy's. And yet they ask for $15 an hour. 

 We have a great show for you. We mess with Janet Russell a little bit. She is getting on a plane to Florida and we are doing everything we can to make her laugh.  We left her a message that would scare anyone. Not Janet. She will know it a joke and we had a good laugh with her. 


Well, we had to talk about Net neutrality. What does this mean? How will it affect us? Let's talk about it. Helen has some things she wants to talk about. Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Can or will this affect the show? Helen has some great information and explains what this means. Jayce shares an interview he did with Comcast last night about this and airs the call. We talk to Tai Vicari. She owns a small business in social media and we are curious what this means for her business. Tai and Eric have an event this weekend and she fills us in on that. 



Soke Joe joins us in the studio! Welcome! 


 We talk about Disney making a large purchase of TV networks. 


Soke Joe tells us about some self-defense for the holidays. He mentions that cellphones can be used for defense instead of just playing candy crush. Phones can be used for striking an attacker in the throat, eyes, or more.  this is a great way for everyone to understand how important it is to always stay vigilant of your surroundings. 



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December 14, 2017

Kop and crew 12/14/2017

Kop and Crew a little different this morning. 

 Jayce and Lisa bring you the show this morning remotely. They bring you the news and entertainment for the 2 hours of the show. Jayce's kids have a 2-hour school delay and Lisa has sunshine and rainbow'ed happiness there in Florida.  Yuck! 

 Jayce talks about a artist who is being jailed for 2 years for " inciting debauchery"  could you imagine- our crew would be in jail for life! 

 Jayce and Lisa have a great show for you today and we hit a lot of topics. COme join us for a reat show and we will see you all tomorrow! 

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December 13, 2017

Kop and Crew 12/13/2017

Good Morning. Yes, it's a late start and we are all freezing... Honestly, we aren't. Jayce is. He is in his attic and has no heat. its currently 27 degrees there. 

Eric, Lisa, Jayce Helen and Mike bringing you morning radio like you've never heard before. 


Eric starts the show talking about his trip to Manhattan last night. He talked about the Rockerfella Center Tree. 


Helen does a birthday shout out to Chris P Bacon.... Duh.... Another fake name.

We talk about the sexual harassment claims and how, even if not true, we feel that some people will claim this happened for the support and recognition. It's an interesting discussion. 


 Mike is in early and we discuss some of the Jewish traditions and clarify what Jewish people do to celebrate the holidays. Jayce shares a comedy skit from Trevor Noah about things Mike was talking about. 


Helen shares some great "Feel good stories" they are fantastic! Thank you for making the morning show a positive place to share. It's always nice to have a few positive stories to talk about and share. 


Jayce talks about a few stories that get us all thinking. A story about a police officer that has been found not guilty of shooting, a suspect. He did his job. He also shouldn't have pointed a gun of any kind out the window. 


Geroge Clooney and his wife passed out noise canceling headphones while on a flight to England. This was his way of making sure the other passengers on the plane have a good experience and not inconvenienced y the 6-month-old twins. Good on you, George!


We get into a discussion about bullying in schools and how we could address these issues and make it better for students. Jayce's son is going to play basketball with a local team and we are looking forward to it. We talk about how things could be different. Let's talk about it! 


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December 12, 2017

Kop and Crew 12/12/2017

Lisa and Jayce start the show for you this morning and Lisa cant find her glasses ( Spoiler alert- they are on her face) 


We have Eric in the studio but he is doing all the tech work. 

 Jayce and Lisa bring you a show full of information and great discussions. Its just them today. We expected Mike but he didnt come in today.

 We talk about prank calls and why we dont do prank calls, the Golden Globes and we have some special love from Spreaker this morning. Thank you, Yankee and the Britt! 

 A special Thank you to everyone for joining us this morning. 

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December 11, 2017

Kop and Crew 12/11/2017

We start our morning off on a somber note. Last night we got a call from Janet. She learned her daughter passed away yesterday. Its a sad day here. We aren't sure how to move forward. We normally like to start the day off with funny news and entertainment. We can't seem to summon that this morning. We are all heartbroken for her loss. 


We discuss what we did this weekend and talk about a book we heard is out for children called "Play with my balls" 

 We discuss a new iOS app that resembles an old Kodak Camera Film that requires 24 hours to see the pictures you take. 

 We have breaking news that there has been an explosion at Port Authority  Unclear what is going on at this point but we are learning and reporting to you.

 We also learn that the fires in California have now consumed an area larger than New York. 


We are having a rough day today. We are having a rough day trying to stay on track and try to keep our heads up. We are all concerned about Janet and are trying to stay positive. Thank you, Helen! We need more positive 


From feel-good stories about homeless people getting the help, they need from haircuts to homes. Helen and Lisa are bringing you the news to feel good!


We hear from Hairy George and learn some news from Youngstown, OH.


We play some games on the show to raise spirits and play a new commercial. 


 Lisa asks a question. A great question:
 What would you like to see in your 2018?

 What would you change to have a better year?

The answers are great. You should hear this. 


 Facebook Video:



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December 8, 2017

Friday Funday 12/8/2017

Good Morning. We start the day off on a positive note. Helen, Jayce, Lisa, and Eric start your morning off with some good news and how to be positive this morning. It's a great way to start. We drop the news stories and for a change in how messed up the world is and talk about being nice for a change. 


We start up with some laughs and plans we have for the morning. We have some commercial ideas for not only the morning show but from Danny Ray.


 After a quick break, we get on a discussion about Starbucks because they are making a new drink. A Christmas tree drink. The fact that they are already dealing with the Christmas cup issue where it looked like a same-sex couple holding hands. Now that have a 490 calorie drink. This also includes 60 Grams of sugar.


Helen tells us that LaGuardia Airport is undergoing construction. Why do they always do this during the holiday season? It seems like they are only trying to cause chaos. Lisa is coming to NY from Florida and is flying in. She won't be in LaGuardia but Helen makes a great point- be there early. Avoid the chaos. 


We prank call one of our sponsors, a brief shoutout but he doesn't  like the idea and after 2 tries to call him, he stops answering his phone. We tried. Helen has a great voice to prank someone. Van Go changes busses into mobile homes and you can call them  631-626-6843 for a great company! 


We have a guest int he studio. The creator of Soul Cuffs. A shirt company with inspirational quotes on the cuffs of the shirts. She shares some the ideas, quoted and more about the shirts. Check her out on social media. https://www.facebook.com/soulcuffs/

Kristen has a great story behind the company and how it came to be. It has been wonderful talking with her and we look forward to her success. 


We have Kristi Beck join us for the last 10 minutes and its a great ending for a Friday. 

 Here is our Facebook Live video:





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We start our morning off discussing how we recently dislike Facebook. Lisa is out of Facebook jail but Eric has taken her place. We talk about Air B&B and the dispute if they should have cameras on the property. We have to agree to disagree because what if someone gets hurt on the property? Wouldnt the hurt party ask for integrity in business and request cameras? What do you think? Privacy over safety? 


We recognize that it has been 76 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor.  


 We have a discussion about the sexual harassment. This time, it hits close to home and it leads us into a discussion about convicting someone in the court of public opinion and how even an accusation can ruin someone's life. We also discuss the Group mentality of accusing someone. Sometimes we notice that even if there is no relation to someone may use it just as an attack and a way of ruining someone else's life. 

Soke Joe joins us in the studio and we have a great discussion talking with him and discussing his opinion of recent events. 

 we do some rapid-fire chat at the end of the show and have a great time come join us every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M EST and start your day off right! 

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December 6, 2017

Kop and Crew 12/6/2017

Happy Hump day to you! 


We have Janet, Lisa, Eric Jayce Mike, Paulie C, and HELEN IS BACK!!!! 

We have missed her so much! 

 Jayce is a bit late. He overslept, missed the bus and is also dealing with computer updates. When it rains, it pours.


We talk to the folks from the Port Jeff salt cave. They tell us all about the Port Jeff salt cave and some of the features of salt caves, the cryo lab they are working on. They have children's events, after hours events, and more. They are fun to interview and very funny. We had a lot of questions from our chatrooms that were answered from the Salt Cave and we look forward to meeting them again.


We have Erin Cruz join us on the show." A mother, the young widow of internationally renowned scientist -- Professor Rene  L. Cruz -- who we lost to pancreatic cancer. A hobbyist baker and photographer, my largest accomplishment has been mastering lifestyle fitness and well being, a lifetime writer, an organic motivator, a fierce online personality with a passion and drive for our nation and political activism--deep into commentary, strategy, and analysis. My political leanings are freedom based and I view myself as a constitutional conservative, with a strong dose of sobering libertarian leanings. I operate on principle, values, and yes--my views can change with data. My professional background covers, from the ground up, all areas of small business operations and administration in the private sector, as well as a solid stretch in academia covering safety management, business administration, payroll, specialized HR, with my favorite area being domestic and international policy analysis and interpretation." Erin was interesting to talk to. Jayce doesn't talk politics on the show but Erin made it very interesting. 


After Erin, we chat a little about a few different things, planes land on the wrong runway, Spotify building a playlist of your most popular tracks from your Spotify account over the last year, Short people and more. 


 Thank you for joining us this morning. Have a great Hump Day! See you all tomorrow!

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December 5, 2017

Kop and Crew 12/5/2017

Good morning! Its Tuesday and OMG, Mike is on time! Not only is he on time but he is also on point and quick with the responses.

 We chat a bit about what we all did last night. we play some family feud and have a few laughs. Apparently, Janet and Mike can't stop coughing in the studio while Eric reads some news. We play " give me 5". That's a game where we ask a question and you have to give 5 answers in 30 seconds. Eric can't think fast enough. 


We hear from the Turn it around the Team this morning. We talk to Dez about an article from last week. We discussed an issue on Rikers Island where an inmate attacked a guard. We discuss this with Dez because he is a retired Correctional officer. We had differing opinions on the video. We see it differently but we can agree to disagree. We also discuss Meatballs? Really, Eric?


We have a discussion about Games you can play with your family and friends for Christmas. A few drinking games and also family fun games like Christmas Guess who! 


Speaking of Christmas, We do some Christmas stuff on the show. it is a great way to end the show.


 Thank you for joining us this morning! Hope to see you tomorrow! 


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December 4, 2017

Monday 12/4/2017

We have a crazy show today. Jayce isn't going to be on the show. They have a 2-hour school delay and Jayce has his kids at home. 

 We learn that 25 years ago today the first text message was sent. The first message was " Merry Christmas". We thought the first text was "New Phone, Who Dis"  This leads to a discussion about our first phones 

 Lisa, Anthony, Janet, Eric, Paulie C, Mike as well as LJ James bring you a show standard to the normal crazy you have come to expect.  Jayce comes in the last 15 minutes of the show after his kids get on the bus. 

 SO much has happened this morning that you'll just have to catch the replay. We are also on iTunes, Iheartradio, Podbean, Podsnack, Mixlr, Spreaker, Twitch, Facebook Live, Younow, Youtube, and now, Instagram! Come follow us! We would love to have you follow us! 


Here is our facebook live video:


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