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We learn this morning that when we are hungry.

 Jayce had a fun and exciting day yesterday. He posted on his social media yesterday and he was clearly upset. We make fun of him because of it.

 Helen starts telling us a story today about binge drinking. Poor Helen has an unfortunate slip and provides us with today's title. We carry that on for a few minutes and it becomes very funny. 


Lisa brings us a story from a local student who wrote an open letter titled " Why I did not join my school in their protest" We have a lot of opinions on this and peoples feedback regarding gun control. We have concerns that the student will likely be told that since she is a student she shouldn't have an opinion. 


 We talk about a person who was hit and killed by a driverless Uber vehicle. We learn that there was a 49-year-old victim and she was walking her bike outside the crosswalk. This is going to lead to a discussion about who is responsible for a driverless car accident.

 We have breaking news about another school shooting in Maryland.


This morning we have Robert DiCarlo. He is our guest today. He is a Shriner. He talks about all the great work the Shriners have done for the community and helping children and their treatment. He also states that 85% of the funds needed for the specialties for children have been covered by people who are leaving funds to help continue their work. This is a fantastic organization. We are so glad they joined us. 


 Jayce plays a live CNN report for an update on the school shooting. 


 Eric has a rant this morning. Its a bit rough this morning and we understand the rant. We all have our opinions. Come take a listen and if you'd like, come watch:


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Helen, Lisa, Janet, Jayce, and Eric are live loud and ready for a crazy Monday. We have to have Calamity Gina call in. She is the former Co-host and it's important for her to be on the phone for this. 

Today is our 400th episode. Gina was the co-host of Kop and Calamity here on WLINY and we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her and her contributions in the early days. We spend some time with her this morning. We talk to her about the early days of Kop and Calamity and the fun memories we all had. We love, ya, Gina. Thanks for the laughs this morning and thank you for still being a fan. Listen to Gina on her new station Monday-Friday from 3-6 PM on www.sunflowerradio.com  Thank you, Gina.


Charlie calls in from SeatsLink. They are our sponsor and he gives us a weekly update of the shows and entertainment here on Long Island. Check out www.Seatslink.com and use discount code LIVE for $20 off. From kids events to March Madness updates. Listen to Charlie on Ticket talk on WLINY at 7 PM. Thank you, Charlie!


This morning we talk to Mr. T (Listen to the show, you'll understand) He has created a virtual system for teaching martial arts. He has created this system of virtual training and competing in events all over the world. It is a video-based competition system to help teach children martial arts as well as supporting growth, development, and training. Thank you, Mr. T


Soke Joe joins us in the studio this morning. he pranks us this morning by calling us on Facebook while sitting in at the front table. We learn that Toys R Us in Long Island is in bad shape this morning. Eric tells us that he understands that people there are going to lose their jobs. Eric pranked his wife Linda this weekend and recorded it. We share that on the show this morning. We love Linda and we know Eric is a jerk.

 Jayce makes fun of mike with 2 flip phones. 

 Lisa tells us about a poor experience she had this weekend. She purchased perfume at a festival this weekend and there was a bit of a concern because it was advertised as one thing but she received something different. Eric tells us his son was made fun of in Dairy Queen over the weekend. They tried to make fun of him saying he had tattoos. it's not tattoos,  its the scars from his 26 surgeries. the poor kid. 


Soke Joe tells us about a memorial service he attended this weekend. It was for a buddy of his. We are sorry for the loss, Soke Joe. 


 Join us every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M ( EST) or on Facebook from 8-10 ( A.M EST) 

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We have a full house today! Helen, Janet, Lisa, Eric Jayce and the one and only Paulie " Pops" Cantone!

 We haven't seen him in a long time. He lets us know where he has been and why we haven't seen him in so long. He also makes fun of Hairy George this morning and instantly regrets that.  Yesterday Hairy went to a Judas Priest concert for his birthday and because Paulie made fun of him..... Hairy calls in and growls at Paulie. He deserved it. 

 Helen tells us about United Airlines. They recently had the issues where a puppy was killed while being forced to be in the overhead compartment and sadly died in the flight. This time they sent a dog to Japan and although the situation was corrected- what the hell is going on? Between rearranging customer's faces, killing pets and then shipping dogs to another country. 

 Helen tells us about snuggles. Customers have been severely overcharged. Helen isn't a fan of snuggies.


We hear from Larry Scott from the land of the lost 45's here on WLINY. He has a new show this weekend and he called in to share the information about it. We play a little game with Larry this morning. He tells us that He and Eric are going to be doing a show together soon. We learn some cool information and try to do a promo... Guess what, we mess it up. 

 Jayce talks about some stories out of Delaware. a woman and her 2 children struck by a bus and to please be careful on St. Patricks day. Delaware has announced the locations of planned Checkpoints this weekend. Please be careful. We understand we are all adults and we may drink but please don't drive. 

 jayce tells us about Snapchat and a recent article on the social media platform that promotes violence and caused some backlash on the platform. 

 We talk more about the National Walkout. We learn that the ACLU has laws that protect students from SEVER punishments for taking place in civil unrest. The students are likely to be punished for missing out on classes and instructions. However, this punishment cannot be a severe punishment and any more or less severe than what a normal punishment would be for a similar offense


 We talk about a parent at a Rocky Point PTA meeting yesterday. They tried to demonstrate the ability to have a weapon in the school and brandished a pocket knife. While not intending to cause anyone harm or threaten anyone, the parent was asked to leave. Suffolk County Police department refused to comment on this story when contacted. However, News 12 was contacted. We are awaiting a response from them. 


 We have a great show today. Come watch us live:


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We have a crazy day today. We start the show a little late because we have standard normal updates and we had to update all the studio computers. The show starts at 8 Am. 

 Helen has quite a few computers issues. Jayce takes the first 30 minutes of the show to fix Helen's computer. Holy crap, He fixed it!

 Chef Gail is in the studio this morning. She is bringing us breakfast and we talk food!

 Speaking of food, We talk to Ann she is not only a chocolate representative and an angel. She does this in honor of her late son. As a chocolate rep and also honors her son by donating her proceeds from her sales through the commission. Her son Joey passed away but even in his time of need, he wanted to make sure all the children in his hospital. He was an angel and she continues 


 Oh my goodness, Chef Gail is in studio cooking. Helen and Jayce arent going to get any breakfast this morning. Bourbon maple and ricotta stuffed waffles. So many people are watching Chef Gail and making us all hungry. Lisa is making us all jealous this morning and we talk smack to Lisa. 


 Last week we talked about a student who was bullying fellow students on his school bus and was kicked off the bus. His father made him run to school to teach him a lesson that he cannot disrespect not only other students but adults. He did a live Facebook video that got over 60 million hits. Bran, the father, was doing this to teach a lesson to his child. This was a lesson to not only his child but other parents on how to deal with their children, other bullies to reevaluate how they treat others as well. Brian is a great father and this shows!


 This morning we discuss #WalkUp and #WalkOut 

 We discuss the different videos that we saw and different demonstrations that we witnessed. We bring Brian Lee on the show to offer another opinion and voice his concerns as well. He believes that this could have been done differently. We discuss how society has changed when it comes to the different violent things we were raised with. We grew up with Tom and Jerry violence. Today we have the violence through video games.  Here is the audio of the episode :


We have a lot to talk about today. come watch the facebook live video: https://www.facebook.com/longislandmorningshow/videos/158978591481089/


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Yes, we missed yesterday because of the weather. We are back today! This can only mean we have a wild show planned for you! Remember a few days ago when we missed a day and we made up for lost time being wild and everything. 

 Eric starts off our morning by telling us about a local police officer who was injured because of someone speeding and struck the officer. 

 We talk about Delaware in the news. Local schools have recently canceled all events regarding a "Walk-out". We debate if this is the right way for students to show solidarity. It seems that the concern is for safety. They don't want students to leave the building. They should offer additional ways to allow students to have an organized way to show support instead of just dismissing the idea. This would cause more chaos and unrest when another way is found. 

 We talk bullying. This is in the news because new legislation is requesting for parents to be fined and or punished because people feel its a learned behavior from parents. 


Today is Pi Day. 3.14 Pi is the measurement of the circumference of a circle. Eric notices if you eat enough Pie you gain circumference as well. In the ironic news, Stephen Hawkins passed away this morning. On Pi day.  he brilliant British theoretical physicist who overcame a debilitating disease to publish wildly popular books probing the mysteries of the universe has died, according to a family spokesman. He was 76. 

 We have the Small business spotlight, Stacey. She is a weight loss coach as well as a personal motivator and while dealing with thyroid issues growing up, she learned how to see through her own excuses. She tells us about different programs she offers her clients different methods for their personal weight loss. This helps clients set their own personal goals for weight loss. She recognized that everyone has their own methods and profile for weight loss. 

Helen tells us that 16 teachers in Texas have opted into carrying guns and one has been terminated for doing so. 

Jayce reads facebook to find more information about national walkouts and learns that people are convinced that this is just brainwashing our youth. 

 A dog was killed having being put in the Overhead bin on a plane on a flight from California to New York. The 10-month-old puppy died in flight and this has also received national attention.

3 volunteer firefighters have been caught setting fire to homes in central Islip Long Island. the 3 firefighters are now facing charges. 


come watch us on Facebook:



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Kop and crew have a full house this morning. Janet is back, Lisa, Helen, Eric, and Jayce are in the house. They have so much going on. We talk about the 1 hours time change. Why did it seem that yesterday there was no issue we were able to change the time and move on. Today everyone seems tired, dragging, and tired. It happens. 


Somehow we get into a discussion about hysterectomies. Nothing starts your Monday morning like hearing about a sore uterus. 

 Jayce shares music from a band called " Bad Wolves" They remade the song "Zombie" from the cranberries. They are donating the proceeds from that song to the children of Dolores O'Riordan. She was set to make a cameo on the record and because of her death, she was not able to do so. 

 We hear from Charlie from Seatslink. He tells us all about March Madness and the best teams to pick for your office bracket. Check out Seatslink.com for all your ticket needs. 

 Jayce tells is about the Indian River School District in Delaware. They have had a planned walk out to honor the victims of the Florida shooting since it happened. This weekend, the principal of the school district has sent a letter to parents stating how the walkout is not supported. He mentions that teachers, as well as additional staff, have been informed that student safety is paramount and only done by keeping students inside the building. What do you think about this? The staff encourages engaging in civic debates and more but by discouraging this are they declining their support of honoring victims? 


 Our Small business spotlight is a local Photographer named Michael. He is becoming more locally known for his photographs here in Long Island. Michael said he has several pieces of equipment.He switches between a Nikon, Cannon and even his iPhone. He tells us that he truly believes that he has encountered ghosts as well. Michael has a gallery and has even asked Lisa for some of her work so that she can be featured as well. Michael states that the Gallery he has provides a place for local artists to hang their art and items so that they can get more exposure. 


Soke Joe is in the studio and Magic Mike also join us in the studio. We continue to discuss how Indian River School District is not allowing the children to participate in a walkout. Mike states that local school districts have been accused of not having enough in place to protect the children. 

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Eric is early, starts the show on time and we are all shocked.

He tells us all about the weather on Long Island and daylights saving times. Eric talks about yesterday and why we had to talk the day off yesterday


We talk about them bring back the sopranos, We have some birthdays to announce and more.


Lisa, Helen, Jayce, and Eric are crazy this morning. This happens when you miss a day- you have so much more to say the next day you are in the studio.


We call Tyler Allen this morning. He is a Canadian podcaster and we learn that today is his birthday. His wife is in on it and we call him at work. We talk about the Minds Of madness podcast. Today is Tyler's birthday and we have to make him laugh a bit. We learn that Tyler's wife, Bek, is the director of his podcast but he is the voice of the podcast. Tyler is a great sport. We also learn that The Minds Of Madness has earned 4 awards for podcasting and have also been featured on the local news. Great job and happy birthday, Tyler!

Helen tells us there is a recent study that states millennials are responsible for 70 percent of the "Drunk" purchases. This is not only funny but leads to a discussion about Eric missing the word and misunderstanding. Eric tells us that some online retailers are stopping collecting sales tax for items sold online. between 500 Million and 900 Million have not been collected. We chat is this right or wrong? Jayce is about to get himself in trouble. In Delaware, he doesn't have to pay sales taxes on purchases online or off. He recently made a purchase of a Mountain Dew hoodie and did not pay a sales tax. Between sales tax and shipping, the grand total of the price is taxed... so either way, you are taxed. 


Talking about money, We talk about The United States having the collection of the most millionaires. This leads to a discussion is there such thing as " Too much money"? Jayce thinks that having to maintain a lifestyle will evaporate the money and leave you with nothing. 

 Lisa is complaining that her mother makes too much bacon. I think I love her mother. I want bacon constantly. How is that a problem? Most people would love to have bacon constantly. 


We talk about foods spoiling, how do you keep them fresh? Do you freeze things to keep them fresh? 

 We talk about an Uber Driver who took a drunk guy home and the man woke up with a bill from Uber for over $1000

This leads to many questions. 

We talk about smart TVs and other devices


 come watch us on Facebook:

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Jayce's computer crashes mid-show and he loses all his notes. So sorry for that everyone. Enjoy the show 

 Here is the facebook live feed:

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Kop and Crew talk about Facebook and how they made a mistake. The mistake: They want to allow Pedophiles to have rights and access to the pictures of your children. A stupid idea that was dismissed as a "Mistake" by Facebook.


Speaking of surveys, recent studies show that selfies make your nose look 30% larger. They are saying that they are getting poor reviews of selfies and people are using them for reference for wanting surgeries. Do you take selfies?

Lisa gives us her list. This list is about cars and more. Jayce mentions that the owner of the crank radio has died at the age of 80. He has helped save many people in 3rd world countries because the radio doesn't need electricity or batteries.

Lisa mentions that the airbag has killed 1 person for every 22 people it saves. Lisa has heard this before because she is 4'11'', She has heard that the Airbag can be very dangerous for her.


Helen talks about bad neighbors. Do you have bad neighbors? From snow removal help to not speaking English. Many things can make bad neighbors. Jayce has bad neighbors. They don't speak English, don't own phones or cars and they are carpooled to work. The people that pick them up, blast the horn to get their attention

Jayce mentions a story our of SF California. He shares a story of a woman who tried to open the cabin door mid-flight yesterday. She had to be restrained and held down until the plane landed. Its people like this that scare the normal people and make flying so difficult.


We talk about game shows. We discuss silly game show answers. We learn that Joan rivers have always given riske answers but we all have our favorite game show answer.

Helen tells us about a man who is currently trying to sue Dicks sporting good as well as Wal-mart for infringing on his right to own a weapon and increasing the sale age,

 We take a break for National News 

Lisa tells us about a radio presenter who hung up on a caller who kept calling him "love" and "Darling", Is that disrespectful for the caller to not address someone by their name? Does the caller have a responsibility to call the person by their name or does the host have the right to terminate the call? 


We get Tiff from Tiny Tutus. Tiffany makes tiny tutus for children to make your baby look great. She started by making one for her daughter and people enjoyed it so much they asked her to make some for them. She has sold several so far and this has really taken off. Tiffany mentions that social media has been very useful in helping her gain business. Tiffany said that she just wants to give her families a great experience to remember. Her mantra is " Just do it" through all the negative reviews and haters, Just do it and take the first step. 

 We have a great show this morning and we welcome you all to join us. Follow us on all of our networks for more great shows. 

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Kop and Crew wake you up on this Monday with Eric going solo from 7-8. 

The ladies are in the studio this morning and we start chatting with "first jobs"

 This leads to a discussion about tips and wage gaps. 

 Friday was employee appreciation day. Today, we want to be more appreciated. We make Eric tell us how much he appreciates us and the rest of the crew. Even Hairy George calls in and we make Eric tell him how much he appreciates him.  We make Hairy laugh. We have a fun time with him. 

 Charlie calls in from Seatslink.com They are our sponsor. We make Eric tell Charlie how much he is appreciated. Charlie tells us all about his weekend and more.Seatslink is your place for great prices on tickets and more on local events. check them out www.seatslink.com

Heartbeet  Farms here in the studio. They tell us how the business got started. They provide a farm to plate style and how it makes a difference when it comes to providing food to local food pantries and more. They are a small local farm and they do so much. Jen is a mother of 3, she has the volunteers, local food trucks and more. They discuss "Local" foods and what that means for people that are shipping and consuming the food.


 Jayce mentions some interesting facts about the Oscars we added the link to the Facebook page so you can look when you have some time. 

 Soke Joe joins us in the studio this morning. He discusses more of the school shootings and defending yourself in the times we currently live in. 


come watch our facebook live:


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