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October 16, 2017

Monday Madness 10/16/2017

We start the show with Eric bitching about seeing Santa in his local mall. He plays some Xmas music. 

 We start with a recap of our weekend and what we did. 

 Between Janets TV show, Lisa, Helen, Eric and everyone tapped a show for Cablevision this weekend. 

 Mike came into the show and we have a full house today. 

 The panel has given Jayce a hard time because he is eating on the job. Not only that but he has 3 Mountain Dews and some weird drink from WAWA. That boy never stops eating or drinking. 


 Charlie from SeatsLink comes on and talks to us about local entertainment as well as a few sport related questions we had today. Jayce asked about a Ref at the Eagles Game that may be a bit bias. Helen discusses Colin Kaepernick and how he is still in the news. 

 Afte Charle we hit rapid topics. We discuss a little girl who dies on Carnival cruise lines, The fires in California, USPS mail delivery and a creepy video. 


 We discuss online bullies, a Coller beer cannon that shoots up to 8 feet and the SNL skit about Harvey Weinstein. 


 We have a lot going on today and a lot to share. If you missed any part of the show- check the replay. 
 Links to stories down below:




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Janet, Jayce, Eric, Helen bring you some Friday Fun. 

 Well, we start the morning off with a call that Eric and Lisa recorded with a telemarketer. We also have Red Friday going. 
 Mike comes in a little late but he is wearing a red bowtie! You go man!


 Jayce talks about a mother in Pennsylvania who has collected signatures to change laws about passing busses. Right now, the punishment for passing a bus with lights on is 6 months suspended, 5 points and $250 fine. This mother wants to change the law to 1 year suspended, and $2,500 fine. 100,000 people have given signatures and agree with her stand and the possible law change. What do you think? too harsh, harsh enough, different idea? 


We chatted a lot today, everything from the "C" Word. Yep, we drop the word a few times this morning. That leads us to the discussion of the movie " My Cousin Vinny" Hey, its Friday the 13th why shouldn't we have some fun? We talk about the naked cowboy, Coutume actors in Time square and if they are unionized and things like that.


We come back from break and Eric has a theme song for everyone... Needless to say, it goes bad very quickly. You are going to want to see this replay make sure you check us out on FB Live: 


Joey Cola joins us this morning. He is a warm-up comedian for so many national Television shows and cracked us up this morning. Joey gets a reading from Janet. Joey seems happy with the reading. Joey is at the Brokerage Comedy club this weekend. Make sure you check him out. 
 Helen tells us she really doesn't like the word Eric said earlier. Now Eric starts playing music and kissing up to Helen. 


 We are your morning show that crosses boundaries and takes you along for the ride. Every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M (EST) check us out on social media! See you on Monday! 

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October 12, 2017

Kop and Crew 10/12/2017

Kop and Crew started the show discussing a local radio personality that started a GoFund me from the listening audience for tires for her personal vehicle. Lisa said she would start a GoFund Me for her boobs. Jayce said if he made a commercial for Lisa it would feature In the Arms of the Angels.

 Larry calls in to let us know that he is getting ready for the Land of the Lost 45's this weekend. Its a show all about the tunes you haven't heard in many years. It's A.M style top 40 radio show on many live platforms and we are honored to have him. Jayce made a disturbing commercial for our buddies at Pinnacle Quote 
Lisa invites a guest in the studio named Steve Mason. The son of a child actor (His Father Ricky) and a teenage model (his mother Kathleen). Both parents gave up their respective crafts before the birth of their 2 children, Steve wouldn't learn that his passion for the arts was likely genetic until long passed his father's untimely death into his adult life. We talk to Steve and learn a lot about him and he is a great guy. He is offering a course to everyone trying to live a better life:
 use coupon code Kop50 for 50% off 


 We talk to Lisa Leiberman- Wang this morning about the Harvey Weinstein chaos. if you need an update about that story- read this:

 Lisa, Jayce, Mike, Lisa, Eric and Steve talk about the sad state of events that has led to this and how people aren't responding appropriately to complaints. Between this issue and others, we are often getting the story mixed up. We welcome Lisa and her opinion on the matter. 


 Kop and Crew live every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M (EST) We are on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Podsnack, Mixlr, Spreaker, and on the website on www.wliny.com

 Have a great day, See you all tomorrow morning! 

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Good Morning! Today is Jayce's Birthday! He is 29 today and still acts like an idiot. 
 We talk about Harvey Weinstein. He is currently in the midst of sexual harassment and has been removed from his own company. Harvey has apparently been doing this for years and its just now coming to the surface. Everyone from Maryl Streep from Gweneth Paltrow has come out making statements. 


We have a brief break and talk about a Dunkin Doughnuts customer that tried to pay with muscle relaxers. 

 Linda calls into the show and gives Eric a hard time. We like it that way. He needs to be reminded of his place every now and then. 

 Eric shares an interview he did with a local doctors office about different things and how to take care of yourself better. 

 Mike comes in a little late and we get a bit crazy. We talk about Jayce's birthday and we sing to him. Jayce starts stripping. 

 We have a discussion this morning if we are introverts, Extroverts or ambiverts. MOst of us would assume that if we are on radio or podcasts, we are extroverts.  What do you consider yourself?

 Pops calls in and wishes Jayce a happy birthday. 

 Helen encourages Eric to go to McDonalds and order Putines. This discussion goes crazy we don't recommend having kids around when you listen to this. Otherwise, you'll be forced to explain a lot and we are sure you don't want to google this.

We had a great show today and we thank you all for joining us celebrating Jayce's birthday today! Have a great day everyone! See you all tomorrow. 

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October 10, 2017

Kop and Crew 10/10/2017

We start the morning off a little late but we have a lot going on today. We share news of the wildfires in California. Jayce interviews the PIO of CalFire Lynne Tolmachoff. We are grateful for her time this morning and we thank her for the time. 

 We talk to Charlie of SeatsLink this morning. We talk about all the entertainment you need to know. While he is on, we discuss the untimely passing of Ralphy May, He died of cardiac arrest. sports, entertainment and more. All from Charlie and our sponsor at Seatslink. 

 We discuss the #Dove commercial that  "Missed the mark" They featured a woman that takes the shirt off and the woman as well as the skin complexion changes. Many people were quick to judge and assumed this was a racist comment. Here is that article:

We talk to the Turn it around Team. They discuss the cruises that have been rerouted because of the hurricanes and more. We talk about the Costa Concordia and the crash of 2012 here is a little information on that:


We chat for a bit about the things we did this weekend. Jayce helped an elderly man, Eric thought he was going to die from his man flu, Lisa enjoyed the weekend and Mike read his washing machine warranty.


We prank call a few people this morning. We just have some fun with people and tease them a little and tell them they are on the Kop and Crew Morning show.


 Check us out every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M EST 

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Good Morning everyone. We have a full house today. Janet, Helen, Mike, and Jayce. We also have Lisa in the studio. She is normally in Florida but was in town for the last few days and she is joining us this morning in the studio. 


 We have some tech issues this morning. Eric isn't feeling well and we have John Joseph. We chat for a bit about his comedy and how he got started. Find him on www.johnjosephcomic.com

 Mike brings in a guest this morning. Claude Solnik in the studio. Claude is a business journalist. He is also a Play-writer and initially started writing in France. He talks about how he got started in writing and how its developed from there. It's a very interesting discussion. A lot of information that shows how a production goes from the pen to play. You can follow him on Long Island Rep on Facebook, The textile company and Teater 294 or email csolnik@oponline.net 


Today we also talk to Rory Albanese. ANother comedian performing at McGewyers this weekend. Rory was an executive producer on the Daily Show then moved on to the Nightly Show and USO tours. Rory talks about his start in comedy and what he is up to nowadays since winning an Emmy. 


Tai calls in at 930. Tai is our social media coach and marketing queen! With businesses doing personality tests for job applications, Tai offers a site that allows a practice test so that companies can hire based on similar traits:


Kop and Crew live every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M ( EST)  Join us on Monday morning for a great show, people, and news. Have a great weekend. 



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October 4, 2017

Kop and Crew 10-4-2017

It's a wild morning this morning. Janet, Jayce, Helen as well as Eric are all over the place. From hypocritical congressmen to fires at Walmart. 

We discuss the events of Las Vegas and how the news cycle has made things worse. We discuss how so many people have heard so many different stories and we wonder what happened to our time of mourning. What happened to stop spending the hours after rapidly issuing threats. This should be a time to allow for tragedy and stop focusing on the political agenda


 Things are a little different this morning, Tai calls in early. Today we learn Tai is a bad influence and saids we should prank people. Tai has a serious tip today. Its all about reporting hate crimes:

 after a brief break, Eric sings for us and we play some Family Feud. We are all acting like fools this is how we normally act. Welcome to the morning show! Hahaha


We talk to Lisa. She just landed in NY from Florida. She will be in town for a few days. We tried to prank call her and it didn't work because she beat us to the punch. 

 We have Lisa do some crazy stuff at the airport. Its all in fun. Thanks, Russ. You won 2 $25 gift cards for Seatslink. Keep in touch! 


 Kop and Crew! We are live every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M ( EST) and we want to make sure you all have a great time. See you tomorrow. 

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October 3, 2017

Tuesday October 3rd 2017

Well, we have a lot more to talk about this morning. We hear a lot more information about the shooting in Las Vegas, Tom Petty and more

 We Start with Tom Petty. Yesterday it was reported that Tom Petty died yesterday at 330 pm. Later in the day, it was reported that that statement needed to be retracted and he was in fact NOT dead.  He suffered cardiac arrest Sunday evening. He was taken to an area hospital and administered life support. Yesterday it was reported by TMZ that Tom Petty died. Truth is that was taken off the life support. We have learned that he has passed away. We question if TMZ should be sanctioned reporting "Fake News" or reporting the news prematurely. This information was broadcasted all over and referenced to TMZ. do you think TMZ should be sanctioned? Do they deserve a punishment or any kind?


We touch on the subject of the Las Vegas massacre. We have many questions about the shooting and some of the information we learned between last night and this morning. We learn some information that we still have questions about. We will continue to monitor the information as we get it. We also talk about a shooting in California that shut down the community. We have limited information on that but we share what we have. We learn that a listener was impacted by the shooting there but they are just fine. 


 We talk to the Turn it around team all about traveling and the best way to travel. Today we discuss the safest way to travel with medication as well as knowing the best way to pack clothes and other needed items. 


We get a call from Tai Vicari at 930. She gives us daily trending tips for your business and social media. Tai's trending tip today is how to make some money from surveys:


Kop and Crew Live every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M (EST) We are on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Podsnack, mixlr, Spreaker and on the website on www.kopandcrew.com


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October 2, 2017

Monday 10/2/2017

Let's be honest- We all know events happened in Vegas last night that have us all shocked. We have heard that other stations are spending their entire show discussing the events. We are not those other shows. We bring the news and want to leave you on a positive note. We don't want to discuss the sad events that happened over and over. 


We have to start our morning off discussing the disturbing events in Las Vegas overnight. A lone gunman released a rapid-fire barrage of bullets on an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 400 others, police said, in the worst mass shooting in modern American history.


Lisa, Jayce, Janet, Helen, Mike, and Eric have a show for you today. 

 We discuss Marilyn Manson and his epic fail over the weekend that left him with a broken foot and canceling several dates on his current tour. 

In a statement, the star's publicist said: "Marilyn Manson is being forced to cancel several of his October dates on his forthcoming US tour.

"On Saturday night, the legendary performer suffered an injury on stage towards the end of his set at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom causing him to cut the show short.
 ( http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-41467678)
 We interview Wade Banks.He is a local radio personality that is growing and we talk to him about how he developed his show. https://www.facebook.com/TattoosByWade123

 We talk to Charlie from SeatsLink. He is our ticket broker for all events in all entertainment and sports. http://seatslink.com/

 We talk to Tai Vicari- our resident social media and marketing coach. SHe brings a tip today to help us with our taxes. Not only taxes but the information is also in multiple languages. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs2goapp


 Kop and Crew are live every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M

 Check us out on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Podsnack, Mixlr, Spreaker, and www.kopandcrew.com


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We ( Jayce, Eric, Helen, Janet, Mike, and Lisa)  are in rare form this morning. Starting the day off with some jokes and having some fun with everyone. 

 We cover news about a landlord who broke into tenants homes to have sex with his partner and was only caught because of the camera in the bedroom that caught the entire thing live. 

 We have a roundtable to discuss local news and whats going on in the community. We discuss news.  We discuss an FCC fine as well as a pirate radio station that has been shut down. They had been stopped before but rebuilt and this time the fine is imposed to try to finally make this station stop production.  

 We talked to a local comedian who is going to be at Governors tonight on Long Island. He was a great chat and we have tickets to give away. We had such a great time talking to him and can't wait to chat again.


 Tai calls in at 930 and talks about a company that cleans homes for people who are recovering from illnesses that need an extra hand around the house. www.cleaningforareason.org the company that cleans for free while you or your family recovers. 


We end the some with some jokes that leave Helen in tears from laughing so hard. 

 Kop and Crew every weekday morning from 7-10 A.M ( EST) 

 Have a great weekend, everyone. See you all on Monday! 

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