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December 29, 2017

Kop and Crew 12/29/2017

Its the last show of 2017!

With that in mind, Lisa, Helen, and Janet start the day off poking fun of Eric and honestly, that's a great way to start a show. We get a phone call from a new listener. 

 We learn Eric has a size 10 shoe. He tried to get support from Jayce but he has a size 13. No support from him.  

 Lisa talks about an article she found 10 habits to change in the shower. From changing your Lufa and not showering in hard water. 


 This morning Lisa and Helen are going crazy. They need some counseling from Pastor Hairy George in Youngstown Ohio. This is a funny discussion because we all know Hairy and know that he is going to be struck by lightning. He comments on the fact that Jayce used ladies deodorant. He pokes fun of Jayce's sexual orientation. There is nothing wrong with women's deodorant. They need to stop hating. 


Somehow, we manage to turn it into joke hour and although the jokes are... Exciting...... We end it on a funny note. hit some national news and take a break. 


 Joey calls in and tells us a joke even Phil Jusino comes into the studio and tells us a joke. After the break and we talk about things to let go of in 2017 going into 2018. What do you want to let go of in 2018? Drama, bad habits, baggage from bad friends, negative thinking and should we mention bad jokes?


Helen shares some information with us about emojis. WHo makes these things and how have they become a staple in our culture. These things apparently take years to develop and make it into pop culture. 


 KC Armstrong joins us in the studio. He is the owner of WMAP radio in Port Jeff in Long Island. We were in his studio yesterday and today he joins us. He also brought his crew in with him and we interview them and have some time with them. 

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