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January 3, 2018

Kop and Crew 1/3/2018

Good morning!

 We are just chit-chatting, talking weather, and the Record-breaking Powerball numbers! SO far- this is the 9th largest in history. Jayce mentioned the last time he played is when it was $1 Billion

 This morning we all turn into superheroes. You have to hear this discussion. Helen tells us some jokes. 

 Jayce tells a story about potty training his son and a discussion taken out of context.

  We bounce around so much today and so many jokes that if you miss it early, you missed it through the show. 

 Lisa comes to the studio and Eric can't control himself. Lisa is a diva, Eric is finally happy that Lisa is there and caters to her. Lisa tells us about her garlic issues and why garlic is good for you.


Helen tells us about 7 things to stop lying to your doctor about. #1 " this is not a sex injury" Why would you lie about that? I mean, that's almost a badge of honor, right?

 Steve Mason joins us in the studio. He is an up and coming actor as well as now he is a movie producer. He talks about a movie he is making to honor his father. We don't want to tell the entire story here but you don't want to miss this. He is a great guy and we learn about the research that went into the movie. 


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